Jukebox Phase

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There are 2 potential loops in the turn structure with Jukebox Phases. The 1st loop it is a part of occurs between the Effects Phase and the Choose An Item Phase. The 2nd loop it is a part of normally occurs between the Choose An Item Phase and the Poll Phase. (U.N. Voting for Jason's Mask technically has its own phase between the Choose An Item Phase and the Poll Phase; as such, a loop can occur between the Choose An Item Phase and the U.N. Voting Phase and between the U.N. Voting Phase and the Poll Phase.)

  • The Phases in step 1 are cycled through, checking for the most recently queued event among the 2 Phases until a new event cannot be reached. Then, in step 2, a Resurrection Phase event is checked for. Steps 1 and 2 are cycled through until a new event cannot be reached in either step, at which point the loop is exited.
  • With Instant Classes active, a Class Choice event is queued immediately before a Jukebox event at the start of the game.
  • In Boss Mode, with Extra Classes in Passives & Effects active, a Jukebox event is queued before the Boss-related Class Choice events at the start of the game.
  • Supposing you have 2 or more Choose Class effects and a Jukebox event is then queued, the Jukebox event is queued after the first Class Choice event and before the 2nd Class Choice event; this occurs because only 1 Class Choice event can be queued at a time.

  • The Jukebox video in the upper left corner of the game must have had its song flagged as broken, had all players vote to skip the song, or had its song timer be 0:00 for the Jukebox event to be queued. It is guaranteed to be taken from the queue by the turn player during the check in such a circumstance unless they are Dead or Reincarnated (in which case the event cannot be reached.)

  • The queue is typically checked on the visible page immediately preceding this phase. (If the visible page immediately preceding the Jukebox Phase is before the Effects Phase, the queue is checked on an invisible page immediately before the first visible Jukebox Phase page.)

  • In a Jukebox event, the turn player must choose 1 of 6 randomly selected songs, pay 1 Rupee (one time only per phase) to get a new selection of 6 random songs to choose from, or pay 4 BG Coins to search the Jukebox Library for a specific song. Other players can see what song you chose on the page after choosing.

  • If Free Things For Poor People by Infadels is the chosen song (without use of BG Coins), all players that have less than 15 rupees receive a "present". (Unknown what the present is.)

  • If a player uses Hypno Glasses or Hypnotoad to gain control of the event and the BG Coins option is chosen, a random song is chosen, and no BG Coins are spent.

Seasonal Changes[edit | edit source]

During Christmas, the 1st Jukebox event of the game and every 3rd Jukebox event will only have Christmas music as options. In such a case, you can't pay a Rupee or pay BG Coins to select songs other than the initial 6.

Jukebox Event Text[edit | edit source]

  • With normal music:
You stand in front of a funky jukebox! In just a moment you can swing to the rhythm, get down with the boogie or chillax with the jazz!
  • With Christmas only music:
Christmas Jukebox
Hohoho! Merry Christmas! Drink some hot coco and settle down beside the crackling fire. It is time for some warm and cheerful Christmus music!