Ivan's Weapons Van

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Ivan's Weapons Van is an event that can be reached with the Traveling Salesman Neutral Effect. It can also simply be a random event.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

Traveling Salesman: Weapons

In the distance you see a traveling salesman! You walk up to a rough looking Russian man. His van is full of weapons!

'Hoy comrade. You need weapons?'

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

Ivan's Weapons Van
'Look at van. Full of weapons. You buy I give you good price.'
Item Price Description upon purchase
Gun 5 Rupees 'Is good quality. Good for shootink. You aim, you shoot, da?'
Hand Grenade 10 Rupees 'Blow up capitalist scum for motherland! For Mother Russia!'
Combustible Lemon 10 Rupees 'Good for burnink. Is strange design, but I don't ask question.'
Flamethrower 12 Rupees 'Capitalists love burnink. Aimink is very easy after few bottles of vodka.'
Sniper Rifle 15 Rupees 'You climb in clock tower. You aim at capitalist very far away. You kill. Very easy, comrade.'
Minigun 22 Rupees 'You got many enemies, da? Line them up. Knock them down.'
Bazooka 22 Rupees 'Nothink beats satisfaction of watchink missile fly, explode in distance. Thing of beauty, comrade.'
Double-Barreled Shotgun 24 Rupees 'Only think better than shootink once, is shootink twice.'
BFG 9000 50 Rupees 'Big Friendly Gun is your new best friend. Developed by Moscow's top scientists. Make Mother Russia proud!'
Generic post-purchase quote
Ivan pushes a X in your hands...'I haff more, comrade.'
Insufficient funds quote
'Hoy! No roubles. No weapons.'
Death quote
You seem to have died at Ivan's Weapons Van. He seems indifferent about it.
Leaving quote
Before entering: 'You go now, comrade. No time for playink around.'

After entering: 'Haff nice day, comrade!'

Notes[edit | edit source]

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