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Items appear in the inventory and can be identified due to having the Object category.

To use an item standardly, click on its icon in your inventory on the right side of the screen. Items can also be used in events or in item/skill pop-ups by clicking the button shown with its icon in the event or pop-up; you can hover your mouse over these buttons to see the item's name. It should be noted that there are a select few events in which an item can be used for a special purpose despite there being no item button shown in the event.

There are a few generic item-givers. These all have identical item pools and can generate all but a small group of items.

There are Item Recipes allowing for combining/manipulating involved items.

Items by inventory categories:
Living: Albino Bunny, AmIgurumi, Angel Doll, Apollo's Phoenix, Arcane Owl, Basilisk, Bee Hive, Bloop, Booby, Bookworm/Hungry Bookworm, Bramble Bush, all Butterflies, Camel, Card Soldier, Cat, Caterpillar, Cerberus, Chameleon, Chicken, Chikapu, Chimaera, Christmas Elf, Christmas Tree, Cockatiel, Cocoon, Collarbound Cat, Conjurer's Cookbook, Courier Flap, Cow, Crabs, Creeping Fungus, Crocodile, D-Bug, Deadly Virus, all Demons, (Fed) Dino Mount, Doge, Doom Doge, Doom Raccoon, Doom Wisp, Doppelgänger, Dr Seuss' Alliterizing Mean Machine, all Dragonlings, Dys Action Figure, Dys Malfunction Figure, Dys & Downie Tag Team, Electric Eel, Explorer's Backpack, Explosive Sheep, Festive Chicken, Fireflies, Fizzgig, Freakachu, Fridge Fairy, Friendtasm, Frigid Fairy, Fruit Bat, all Glibbos, Gnome, Gnomish Mini Mage, Goat, all Gobbos, Golden Goose, Gray Dragon, Happy Little Tree, Heart Of The BGO Slut, Heart Of The Dark God, Hidden Chameleon, Holly's Thicc Booty, Holy Spirit, Homing Pigeon, Hot Doge, Hydra, Hypnotoad, Ichthys, Interdimensional Fart, Jar Of Ants, Kangaroo, Killer Rabbit Of Caerbannog, Koala, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Lavellan, Loan Shark, Lucky Cricket, Lurking Demon, Magic Cockatiel, Malevolent Maw, any Marieke Doll, Metro-Gnome, Monkey, Mooshroom, Mule, Mystery Mixer, Mystery Sprout, Niffler, Nightingale, Octopus, Odd Todd's Frog Clogs, One-Trick Pony, Opossum, Owl, Peace Dove, Pegasus, Penguin, Pet Bear, Phantasm, Piggy Bank, Piranha, Pixie, Platypus/EnteredName The Platypus, Plumbus, any Plush Downie, Pose Master Puppet, Primordial Fish, Purebread Cat, Raccoon, Rat, Rattlesnake, Raven, Reindeer, Rhinoceroach, Rooster, Salsamander, Sarimanok, Scarab, Seal, Sealed Container Of Hunger, Searing Sprite, Secret Agent Platypus, Seeking Doll, Shooting Star, Sil Figurine, Snek, Soul Of Determination, Spelling Bee, Spice Weasel, Squirrel, Stonetusk Boar, Sunflower, Tag Team: Downie, Tag Team: Dys, Tendril Of Yogg-Saron, all Tentacles, The Upper Hand, Thieving Imp, Three-Eyed Raven, Tooth Fairy, Tree Frog, Trickster Fairy, Trilobite, Turkey, Ugly Duckling, Uni-Corn, Weeping Angel, Wisp, Wolf, Woo The Raccoon, Yeti, Yui The Choice Scarf
Meat: All Living category items (excluding AmIgurumi, Bramble Bush, Card Soldier, Christmas Tree, Creeping Fungus, D-Bug, Deadly Virus, Dr Seuss' Alliterizing Mean Machine, Explorer's Backpack, Friendtasm, Happy Little Tree, Holy Spirit, Interdimensional Fart, Mystery Sprout, Phantasm, Purebread Cat, Sealed Container Of Hunger, Seeking Doll, Shooting Star, Soul Of Determination, Specter Downie, Sunflower, Weeping Angel, Wisp, and Yui The Choice Scarf)+"Dead" Opossum, Bacon Pancakes, Banana Fish, Big Kahuna Burger, English Breakfast with any non-Eggs piece, Eye Of The Graeae, Fish, Fish & Chips, Goldfish, Hamburger, Hammerhead Shark, Hot Dog, Human Brain, Lumpias, Odd Todd's Frog Clogs, Pufferfish, Rabbit's Foot, Red Herring, Red Meat, Roasted Turkey, Salmon, Sauerkraut Mit Bratwurst, Snake Stew, Swordfish, Tasty Treats, The Hand Of Glory, Three-Eyed Fish
Animal Products: All Meat category items+Ancient Dragon Claw, Arcane Egg, Arctic Egg, Babr-e Bayan, Bear Boots, Bear Hands, Bearskin, Bearskin Vest, Bezoar, Birthday Cake, Blazing Egg, Boiling Blood, Bone Wand, Boots, Bowl Of Cereal, Bug Net, Butter, Buttered Toast, Cheese Eyes, Chocolate Easter Bunny Of Doom, Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Salty Balls, Creepy Candy, Cup Of Milky Tea, Deadly Darts, Dino Egg, Dogecoin, Donut, Dragon Boots, all Dragon Eggs, Dragon Gloves, Dragon Shield, Dragon Wings, Dragonskin, Draught Of Living Death, Egg Launcher, English Breakfast, Eye Of The Dragon, Fake Fake Turd, Fishlock, Fursfield Generator, Gator-ade, Gaulish Magic Potion, Glass Of Milk, Gloves, Golden Egg, Handegg, Honeycomb, Horcrucifix, Ice Cream, Moist Muffin, Mustache Of Life, Odd Todd's Frog Clogs, Pearl Necklace, Pegasus Boots, Phoenix Ashes, Pi Pie, Pizza, Primordial Soup, Pufferfish Darts, Pumpkin Pie, Purebread Cat, Roc's Feather, Scarf Of The Serpent, Shapeshifter's Egg, all Skulls, Slavemaster's Knout, Snek, Strawberry Cake, Swiss Cheese, Totem Of The Beast, Tube Of Glue, Turbulent Juice, Turkey Feather, all Turtle Shells, Viking Helmet, War Horn, Whip, Wishbone, Yogurt
Food: Bacon Pancakes, Banana, Banana Fish, Big Kahuna Burger, Birthday Cake, Black Lotus, Bloop, Bowl Of Cereal, Box Of Chocolates, Brownies, Butter, Buttered Toast, Can Of Chips, Candy Cane, Candy Corn, Caramelo Caliente, Cereal Box, Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Salty Balls, Chocolate Surprise Egg, Cocos Pieces, Corn, Couscous/Cous, Creepy Candy, (Filled) Doggy Bag, Donut, Electric Eel, English Breakfast, Fish, Fish & Chips, Fortune Cookie, Free Shavacadoo, French Fries, Fruity Bow, Funny Fungus, GHB, Goldfish, Grapes, Halle Berries, Hamburger, Hammerhead Shark, Holy Moly, Honeycomb, Hot Dog, Hot Doge, Human Brain, Hypnotoad, Ice Cream, Ichthys, Instant Meal Powder, Jalapenos, Ketchup, Lemon, Loan Shark, Lollipop, Lumpias, Lumpy Space Candy, Magic Carrot, Magic Mushrooms, Malasadas, Moist Muffin, Moly, Mystery Meal, Nutritious Mold, Octopus, Orange, PETA Treata, Pi Pie, Pineapple, Piranha, Pizza, Plums, Pomegranate, Popcorn, Potato, Primordial Fish, Primordial Soup, Prunes, Pufferfish, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie, Purebread Cat, Radioactive Banana, Red Herring, Red Meat, Red Mushroom, Ripe Pineapple, Roasted Turkey, Salmon, Sauerkraut, Sauerkraut Mit Bratwurst, Shroom Of Doom, Sliced Bread, any Smurf Shroom, Smurfberries, Snake Stew, Snek, Sprig Of Celery, Steroids, Strawberry Cake, Sunflower Seeds, Swiss Cheese, Swordfish, Szechuan Sauce, Tasty Treats, Three-Eyed Fish, Toast, Tomatoes, Twinky, Wacka Ball, Watermelon, Yogurt, Yummy Yums Bar
Magnetic: ACME Magnet, ACME Pogo-Stick, Anvil, Artendellen, Axe, Ball & Chain, Bazooka, BFG 9000, Bike, Bling Bot, Brain Massager, Bucket, Bucket Of Water, Buster Sword, Butter Bot, Cargo Train, Chainsaw, Cocktail Shaker, Compass, Completed Finity Gauntlet, Cutlass, Damaged Iron Helmet, Dark Emperor's Staff, Defective Turret, Double-Barreled Shotgun, Duel Dissk Of Sick Burns, Egg Launcher, Exglitchibur, Explosive Sheep, Finity Gauntlet, Flintlock, Frostmourne, Frying Pan, Fuzzy Cuffs, Giant Iron Screw, Glue Mine, Go-Kart, Gun, Hammer, Hand Grenade, Haunted Chain Mail, Holy Hammer, Holy Hand Grenade, Hookshot, ICE-Bot, Ice Sculpting Saw, Iron Coin, Iron Helmet, Jackhammer, Katana, Lance, Lean Mean Caffeine Machine, Lightning Rod, Liquid Nitrogen, Mace, Mecha Egg, Minigun, Mining Pick, Muramasa, Plumbus, Police Badge, Pot O' Gold, Rapier, Reset Button, Safe, Screw, SCV, Serrated Shiv, Sheathed Muramasa, Shield, Shovel, Skinning Knife, Solar Panel, Spanner, Spear, Spider Mine, Spiked Shield, Sword, Tasty Tongue Piercing, Teleporter, Teleporter Activator, Terrazine Tank, Tetsubo, Time Travel Condom, Tomahawk, Trash Can, Unlabeled Can, Vendroid, Zipper
Explosive: ACME Rocket, ACME TNT, ACME TNT Detonator, Bazooka, BFG 9000, BOOM-erang, Combustible Lemon, Damaged Nuclear Reactor, Defective Turret, Explosive Cigar, Explosive Sheep, Frost Mine, Frost Mine Activator, Glue Mine, Glue Mine Activator, Go-Kart, Hand Grenade, Holy Hand Grenade, Infected Fleshlight, Pipe Bomb, Sex Bomb, Sheep Activator, Spider Mine
Mechanical: ACME Pogo-Stick, ACME TNT, ACME TNT Detonator, Activated Fridge Bot, Activated Improbaglitchity Device, Activated Slipstream Slingshot, Adding Machine, Battery, Bazooka, Betazoid Conductor, BFG 9000, Bike, Black Hole In A Box, Bling Bot, Bottle Of Nanogenes, Brain Massager, Brain Transplanter, Butter Bot, Buttplug Launcher, Buyback Bot, Camera, Camera Of Remembrance, Cargo Train, CD Player, Chainsaw, Charged Deluminator, Clock, Clonegg 5000, Cognition Amplifier, Combustible Lemon, Compass, Cortical Stack, Courier Flap, Defective Turret, Defibrillator, Deluminator, Double-Barreled Shotgun, Dr Seuss' Alliterizing Mean Machine, Duel Dissk Of Sick Burns, Easy Button, Egg Launcher, EMP Generator, Explosive Sheep, Extendo Fist, Fishlock, Flamethrower, Fleshlight/Infected Fleshlight, Flintlock, Freeze Ray, Fridge Bot, Frost Mine, Frost Mine Activator, Fursfield Generator, Gallifreyan Time Watch, Genesis Device, Genetic Resequencer, Giant Iron Screw, Glitchade, Glitch Glock, Glue Mine, Glue Mine Activator, Go-Kart, Golden Super Soaker, Gun, Hand Buzzer, Hand Grenade, Helicopter Controller, Holy Hand Grenade, Hookshot, ICE-Bot, Immortality Field Generator, Improbability Device, Improbaglitchity Device, Instability Device, Interdimensional Portal Gun, Jackhammer, Jewel Juicer, Jewelizer, Lean Mean Caffeine Machine, any Lightsaber, Liquid Nitrogen, Lure Module, Magneto Gloves, Mecha Egg, Metro-Gnome, Minigun, Mystery Mixer, Neuralyzer, Night Vision Goggles, Nuclear Reactor/Damaged Nuclear Reactor, Party Cooler, Personal Forcefield, Phaser, Pipe Bomb, Plumbus, Positronic Enhancer, Power Gloves, Power Morpher, Primed Clonegg 5000, Quantum Crystallizer, Radio, RC Attack Helicopter, Reset Button, Rocket Boots, Safe, Scouter, SCV, Sex Bomb, Sheep Activator, Shooting Star, Signal Jammer, Skeleporter, Slipstream Slingshot, Sniper Rifle, Solar Panel, Soldering Torch, Sonic Screwdriver, Sonic Shotgun, Space Capacitator, Space Fluctuator, Spider Mine, Super Soaker, Teleporter, Teleporter Activator, Terrazine Reactor, Terrazine Tank, Time Travel Condom, Time Turner, Tractor Beam, Tractor Gloves, Trundle Wheel, Ultra Pose Generator, Vendroid, Void Stabilizer, Weather Balloon, X-factor Buzzer
Passive: "Dead" Opossum, Activated Fridge Bot, Adding Machine, Alhambran Veil, Apollo's Phoenix, Arcane Egg, Arctic Egg, Azure Bracelet, Babr-e Bayan, Balaclava, Ball & Chain, Bearskin Vest, Bee Hive, Betazoid Conductor, Bezoar, Bike, Blazing Egg, Boots, Bowling Trophy, Bracers Of Bladesinging, Brain Massager, Bulletproof Vest, Butter Bot, Captain's Log, Chef's Hat, Choice Scarf, Cockatiel, Cocoon, Coffin, Compass, Conductor's Baton, Cortical Stack, Creeping Fungus, Cursed Doubloon, Cursing Crown, D-Bug, Damaged Iron Helmet, Dark Wand, Demon Doll, Demon Hunter's Blindfold, Demon Hunter's Blindfold Of True Sight, (Fed) Dino Mount, Disco Pants, Doggy Bag, all Dragon Eggs, Dragonskin, Duel Dissk Of Sick Burns, Eagle Scout Uniform, Eighth Sphere Of Heaven, EnteredName The Platypus (sometimes), Ethereal Gloves, Eye Of The Dragon, Eye Of The Graeae, Filled Food Bowl, Fizzgig, Four-Leaf Clover, Friendtasm, Frostfire Figurine, Giant Iron Screw, Gimp Suit, all Glibbos, Glitchieke Doll, Gloves, all non-King Gobbos, Golden Egg, all Greater Demons, Green Mushroom, Heart Of The Dark God, Horcrucifix, Hungry Bookworm, Iron Helmet, all Jinxed Jewels, Lance (readied), all Legendary Rings, Ley Prism, Light Wand, Lightning Rod, Lilith's Staff, Log, Lucky Cricket, Lump Of Gold, Lurking Demon, all Magic Crystals, all Magic Rings, Magical Winter Hat, Mystery Sprout, Niffler, Night Vision Goggles, Nightingale, Nuclear Reactor, Old Tire, Opossum, Orb, Ordinary Necklace, Ordinary Ring, Pair Of Socks, Pajamas, Pamela's Sweater, Paper Lantern, Parachute, Phoenix Ashes, Pipe Bomb, Pose Master Puppet, Primed Clonegg 5000, Pschent Of Horus, Pumpkin Lantern, Quantum Crystallizer, Quest Gem: Gem Elixir, Rabbit's Foot, Reading Glasses, Reflective Shades, Rooster, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Scarab, Scarf Of The Serpent, Scout Uniform, Searing Sprite, Secret Agent Platypus, Seeking Doll, Seven-Leaf Clover, Shapeshifter's Egg, Shield, Shimmering Orb (uncharged), all Skulls, Solar Panel, Soul Of Determination, Spellbinder's Charm, Spelling Bee, Spork, Staff, Stormwracked Kilt, Tag Team: Dys, Tasty Tongue Piercing, Tea Kettle, Temporal Pair-o-Sox, Terrazine Reactor, The Cornucopia, The Nanteos Cup, The Pink Panther, The Upper Hand, Tiara Of Transcendence, Tin Foil Hat, Toilet Paper, Tooth Fairy, Totem Of The Beast, Trundle Wheel, Ultra Pose Generator, Uncharged Spell Card, Uni-Corn, Unstable Element, Useless Valuable, V-Card, Varunastra, Viking Helmet, Void Crystal, Void Stabilizer, Voodoo Charm, Voodoo Doll: Player, Wanted Poster: Player, War Helmet, Weeping Angel, Witch Costume, Wizard Hat, Wizard Robes
Jewelry: Ankh Of The Pharaoh, Azure Bracelet, Bewitched Bauble, Bracers Of Bladesinging, Charged Bracers Of Bladesinging, Charged Spellbinder's Charm, Charged Tiara Of Transcendence, Cursing Crown, Dark Emperor's Staff, Eighth Sphere Of Heaven, Eye Of The Dragon, Holy Hammer, Jewel Shield, all Jinxed Jewels, all Legendary Rings, Ley Prism, Magic Mirror, all Magic Necklaces, all Magic Rings, Obsidian Drop, Ordinary Necklace, Ordinary Ring, Pose Master's Mirror, Pschent Of Horus, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Sir Lancelot's Ring Of Dispel, Spellbinder's Charm, Tasty Tongue Piercing, The Avaril, The Pink Panther, Tiara Of Transcendence, Void Crystal, Voodoo Charm, all Wedding Rings
Drink: Ambrosia, Beer, Boiling Blood, Bottle Of Scotch, Bowl Of Cereal, Bucket Of Water, Butterbeer, Chocolate Milk, Cocaine Cola, Coconut, Coffee, Cup Of Milky Tea, Cup Of Tea, Draught Of Living Death, Energy Drink, Flask Of Mojo, Free Drink, Gator-ade, Gaulish Magic Potion, Gem Elixir, Glass Of Milk, Guinness, Holy Water, Liquid Luck, Mana Potion, all Oktoberfest Drinks, Poison, Potent Pixie Potion, Potion, Primordial Soup, Super Coffee, The Cup Of Jamshid, Tonic Of Trance, Toxic Waste, Truth Serum, Turbulent Juice, Vial Of Essence, Vigorous Vodka, Volatile Oil, Watermelon, Yogurt
Liquid: All Drink category items (excluding Watermelon)+Bottle Of Antifreeze, Chloroform, Gasoline, Ketchup, Liquid Nitrogen, Sunscreen, Unstable Mutagen, Varunastra
Spell: Bewitched Bauble, Book Of Thoth (charged), Bone Of Ullr (charged), Charged Bracers Of Bladesinging, Charged Claíomh Solais, Charged Dark Wand, Charged Light Wand, Charged Spellbinder's Charm, Charged Tiara Of Transcendence, Charged Tome Of Magic, Dark Orb, Dark Staff, Eighth Sphere Of Heaven (charged), Fridge Fairy (charged), Light Orb, Light Staff, Magic Cockatiel, all Magic Scrolls, Obsidian Drop (charged), Pixie (charged), Shimmering Orb (charged), Spell Card, The Elder Wand (charged)
Unremovable: All Artifacts, Camel, Downie's Gift, Dragon Balls, Dys & Downie Tag Team, Eagle Scout Uniform, Eighth Sphere Of Heaven, Filled Donation Thermometer, Filled Pocket Ball, All Infinity Stones, Interdimensional Portal Gun, Legendary Downie's Gift, all Legendary Rings, Lurking Demon, Pocket Ball, Sonic Screwdriver, Tag Team: Downie, Tag Team: Dys, The Elder Wand, The Infinity Gauntlet/The Completed Infinity Gauntlet, Twinky, all standard Wildcards, Wildcard: Shops (Pyramid Trap Card)
Duplicate: "Dead" Opossum, Build Grist, Custom Donator Item, Doom Wisp, Festive Present, Fossil, Knitted Bunny, Lurking Demon, Memory Of Something, Opossum, Package, Toilet Paper, Varunastra, Wrapping Paper
Delicious: Ambrosia, Butter Fly, Buttered Toast, Hamburger, Holly's Thicc Booty, any Marieke Doll, Plumbus, Pumpkin Pie, Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, Ripe Pineapple, Salsamander, Sauerkraut Mit Bratwurst, Snake Stew, Szechuan Sauce, Spice Weasel, Tasty Tongue Piercing
Ethereal: Doom Wisp, Ethereal Dagger, Ethereal Gem, Ethereal Gloves, Filled Soulstone, Funereal Dusky-Wing Butterfly, Holy Spirit, Ichthys, Phantasm, Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, Specter Downie, Wisp
Fireproof: All Unremovable items, Ancient Dragon Claw, Ancient Ice Crystal, Aquatic Imp, Arctic Aegis, Blazing Egg, Brimstone Butterfly, Bucket Of Water, Demon Sword, Dragon Boots, Dragon Gloves, Dragon Shield, Dragon Wings, all Dragonlings, Dragonskin, Eye Of The Dragon, Fire Foliot, Fire Opal, Frostfire Archfiend, Frostfire Figurine, Frostmourne, Frying Pan, Giant Iron Screw, Gray Dragon, Gubraithian Fire, Iron Coin, all Loot Crates (excluding Gourmet's), Lost Memento, Phoenix Ashes, Pocket Ball, Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, Ruby Necklace, Safe, Satchel Of The Citadel, all Sealed Containers, Searing Sprite, Specter Downie, Tea Kettle, Torn Memento: Left Side, Torn Memento: Right Side, Twinky, Unstable Warp Plasm
Frostproof: All Unremovable items, Ancient Dragon Claw, Ancient Ice Crystal, Arctic Aegis, Arctic Blue Butterfly, Azure Bracelet, Bearskin Vest, Black Dragon Egg, Black Dragonling, Blue Dragon Egg, Blue Dragonling, Bottle Of Antifreeze, Dragon Wings, Frigid Fairy, Frostclaw, Frostfire Archfiend, Frostfire Figurine, Frostmourne, Giant Iron Screw, Gubraithian Fire, Hot Potato, Penguin, Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, Safe, Snowballs, Specter Downie, Torch, Twinky, Yeti
Soulbound: All Unremovable items, Ball & Chain, Collarbound Cat, all Dragonlings, Eye Of The Dragon, Frostmourne, Gray Dragon, Iron Coin, Knitted Bunny, all Loot Crates (excluding Gourmet's), Lost Memento, Painted Lady Butterfly, Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, Red Envelope, Safe, Soul Of Determination, all Tentacles, Totem Of The Beast, Towel, Wolf, Woo The Raccoon
Sparkling: Golden Egg, Golden Goose, Monarch Butterfly, Pearl Necklace, Plumbus, Pose Master's Mirror, Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, Scintillating Spellstone, The Pink Panther, Uni-Corn
Highly Flammable: Albino Bunny, Captain's Log, Demon Doll, Elemental Essence, all Gobbos, Log, Toilet Paper
Spicy: Caramelo Caliente, Jalapenos, Salsamander
Object only: ACME Piano, Bag Of Schmeckles, Bag Of Wonders, Ball Gag, Banana Peel, Baseball Bat, Beach Ball, Blow Darts, Bo, Bola, all Books for learnable feats, Boomerang, all types of Bow (excluding Fruity Bow), Bowling Ball, Box, Broken Glass, Bubbling Cauldron, Bulging Deck, Chloroform, Christmas Present, Cocaine, Concentrated Dark Matter, Contained Huon Particles, Cooking Supplies, Core Crystal, Crackling Catalyst, Crystal Meth, D6, Darth Revan's Mask, Deck Of Many Things, Decolored Decursed Cat Collar, Decursed Cat Collar, Demonic Ritual Stone, Dildo/Infected Dildo, all Diss Cards, Donation Thermometer, Drunkard's Bar, Duct Tape, Electric Boogaloo, Enchiridion, Evolution Stone, Festive Present, Fighter's Gi, First AIDS Kit, Fishing Pole, Flying Carpet, Food Bowl, Freudian Slippers, Friar's Buffer, Get Out Of Jail Free Card, Ghost Costume, Glitch, Glitcho Glasses, Glove Of Love, Gourmet's Loot Crate, Guitar, Home Run Bat, Horn, Hypno Glasses, Inflatable Egg, both Inflatable Crocodiles, Jason's Mask, Lasso, Library Card, Loot Key, Lure Whistle, Magic Broom, Magic Star, Matcha Powder, Merry Present, Mirror Shield, Mummy Costume, Mystery Seeds, Oktoberfest Ticket, On The Origin Of Species, Peg Leg, Pensieve, Peridot Necklace, Pillow, Plunger, Poison Ivy, Pomegranate Seeds, Portable Hole, Prism Of Ooo, Pyramid Trap Card, Quest Gem: Assassinate, Quest Gem: Desert Souls, Radioactive Banana Peel, Red Card, Relic, Reward Block, Riftslasher, Romantic Rose, Sanctified Stake, Santa's Sleigh, Scary Pumpkin, Sexy Shoes, Slingshot, Slowing Darts, Sneakers, Sneezing Powder, Soulstone, Space Hopper, Spacetime Thread, Sparkle Polish, Spectral Screen, Sphere Of Annihilation, Spirit Slippers, Spyglass, Squirting Flower, Storybook, Stress Ball/Stressed Ball, Sunscreen, Syringe, Tainted Rose, Terrifying Pumpkin, Tesseract, The Baron's Combination Key, The Dark Crystal, Tennis Racket, The Art Of War, Tome Of Hellfire, Tome Of Magic, Two Halves Of Coconut, Unholy Encyclopedia, Unstable Essence, Used Plunger, Voodoo Doll, Wabbajack, Wand Of Wonder, Wanted Poster: Item, Weed, Wooden Stake, Wrapping Paper, X-rated Movie, Zigzagger
Categories vary: Deadly Item
Apollo's Phoenix, Babr-e Bayan, Baetylus, Balm Of Anubis, Book Of Thoth, Bone Of Ullr, Brahmastra, Caduceus, Claíomh Solais/Charged Claíomh Solais, Club Of The Dagda, Eye Of The Graeae, Gandiva, Hammer Of Hephaestus, Hofud/Transdimensional Hofud, Kris Of Empu Gandring, Kronos' Sickle, Merlin's Wand, Mjölnir, Odin's Shieldbreaker, Pandora's Box, Poseidon's Trident, Rod Of Asclepius, Sampo, Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar, Sir Lancelot's Ring Of Dispel, Spear Of Destiny, Spear Of Skadi, Sudarshana Chakra, Tablet Of Destinies, The Cornucopia, The Cup Of Jamshid, The Dragon Spirit Of Han, The Glory Of Ten Powers, The Grim Reaper's Scythe, The Hand Of Glory, The Khufu Ship, The Nanteos Cup, The Philosopher's Stone, The Pied Piper's Pipe, The Sands Of Time, The Smoking Mirror, Varunastra, Vijaya
Legendary Rings:
Archbishop Clementis' Seal, Faerie Circle, Golden Ring Of King Midas, Ring Of Flowers, Seventh Ring Of Hell, The Demon Jester's Ring, The Earthwarder's Sigil, Thorn Of Jumanji, Zento's Lunar Loop
Wildcard: Flavor Events, Wildcard: Shops, Wildcard: Skills, Wildcard: Traveling Salesman
Magic Crystals:
Dark Crystal, Fairy Crystal, Happy Crystal, Lovely Crystal, Night Crystal
Magic Rings:
Flowing Ring, Ring Of Arcane Vision, Ring Of Earth Attunement, Ring Of Light, Ring Of Poison Immunity, Ring Of Roll Streak, Ring Of Speed, Ring Of Spell Deflecting
Magic Necklaces:
Amethyst Necklace, Catseye Necklace, Diamond Necklace, Obsidian Necklace, Opal Necklace, Pearl Necklace, Peridot Necklace, Ruby Necklace, Sapphire Necklace, Topaz Necklace
Lesser Demons:
Aquatic Imp, Darkcaller, Demon Fairy, Dice Devil, Filthsucker, Fire Foliot, Frostclaw, Goldfiend, Hellpriest, Hellrusher, Hornbeast, Libido Fiend, Poundfist, Power Imp, Skullripper, Spellbreaker
Greater Demons:
Frostfire Archfiend, Infernal Overseer, Mistress Of Pain, Pit Lord
Black Dragonling, Blue Dragonling, Green Dragonling, Red Dragonling
Dragon Eggs:
Black Dragon Egg, Blue Dragon Egg, Green Dragon Egg, Red Dragon Egg
Diss Cards:
Diss Card: Death, Diss Card: Ensnare, Diss Card: Knockback, Diss Card: Shift, Diss Card: Speed Exchange, Diss Card: Steal Monies
Turtle Shells:
Blue Turtle Shell, Green Turtle Shell, Red Turtle Shell
Wedding Rings:
Diamond Wedding Ring, Golden Wedding Ring, Silver Wedding Ring
Oktoberfest Drinks:
Brawler's Brew, Hop Hops, Lager Of Learning, Magic Malt, Mojo Mead, Snail Ale, Storm Stout
Quest Gems:
Quest Gem: Assassinate, Quest Gem: Desert Souls, Quest Gem: Gem Elixir
Inflatable Crocodiles:
Inflatable Female Crocodile, Inflatable Male Crocodile
Jinxed Jewels:
Jinxed Jewel Of Anxiety, Jinxed Jewel Of Death, Jinxed Jewel Of Encumberment, Jinxed Jewel Of Hellfire, Jinxed Jewel Of Hypothermia, Jinxed Jewel Of Impotence
Furry Gobbo, Fluffy Gobbo, Fuzzy Gobbo, Gobbo King
Furry Glibbo, Fluffy Glibbo, Fuzzy Glibbo
Arctic Blue Butterfly, Brimstone Butterfly, Butter Fly, Funereal Dusky-Wing Butterfly, Monarch Butterfly, Painted Lady Butterfly, Queen Alexandra's Birdwing
Loot Crates:
Unidentified Loot Crate, Aristocrat's Loot Crate, Biologist's Loot Crate, Bomber's Loot Crate, Corrupted Loot Crate, Gourmet's Loot Crate, Machinist's Loot Crate
Sealed Containers:
Sealed Container Of Carnage, Sealed Container Of Force, Sealed Container Of Hunger, Sealed Container Of The Arcane, Sealed Container Of The Gemini
Infinity Stones:
Mind Stone, Power Stone, Reality Stone, Soul Stone, Space Stone, Time Stone
Deadly Item:
All possible choices for the Deadly Illusion skill/items generated by The Demon Jester's Ring
Slot-sharing item groups with different names:
Gloves: Gloves, Bear Hands, Dragon Gloves, Ethereal Gloves, Glove Of Love, Magneto Gloves, Power Gloves, Tractor Gloves
Boots: Boots, Bear Boots, Dragon Boots, Freudian Slippers, Odd Todd's Frog Clogs, Pegasus Boots, Rocket Boots, Sexy Shoes, Sneakers, Spirit Slippers
Shield: Shield, Arctic Aegis, Dragon Shield, Friar's Buffer, Jewel Shield, Malevolent Maw, Mirror Shield, Spectral Screen, Spiked Shield
Bow: Bow, Blue RainBOW, Cupid's Bow, Dark Bow, Flaming Bow, Frosty Bow, Fruity Bow, Fungal Bow, Poisoned Bow
Blow Darts: Blow Darts, Deadly Darts, Pufferfish Darts, Slowing Darts
Hammer: Hammer, Holy Hammer
Dark Wand: Dark Wand, Charged Dark Wand
Light Wand: Light Wand, Charged Light Wand
Orb: Orb, Dark Orb, Light Orb, Shimmering Orb
Staff: Staff, Dark Staff, Light Staff
Tome Of Magic: Tome Of Magic, Charged Tome Of Magic, Tome Of Hellfire
Spellbinder's Charm: Spellbinder's Charm, Charged Spellbinder's Charm
Tiara Of Transcendence: Tiara Of Transcendence, Charged Tiara Of Transcendence
Bracers Of Bladesinging: Bracers Of Bladesinging, Charged Bracers Of Bladesinging
Cockatiel: Cockatiel, Magic Cockatiel
Lightsaber: Amethyst Lightsaber, Blue Lightsaber, Green Lightsaber, Red Lightsaber
Smurf Shroom: Brainy Smurf Shroom, Jokey Smurf Shroom, Papa Smurf Shroom, Vanity Smurf Shroom
Card Soldier: Card Soldier, Card Soldier Of Clubs, Card Soldier Of Diamonds, Card Soldier Of Hearts, Card Soldier Of Spades
Wanted Poster: Item: Wanted Poster: ACME Magnet, Wanted Poster: ACME Rocket, Wanted Poster: Boots, Wanted Poster: Cow, Wanted Poster: EMP Generator, Wanted Poster: Holy Water, Wanted Poster: Night Vision Goggles, Wanted Poster: Teleporter, Wanted Poster: Time Travel Condom, Wanted Poster: Weed
Wanted Poster: Player Wanted Posters with various player names
Bucket: Bucket, Bucket Of Water
Soulstone: Soulstone, Filled Soulstone
Pocket Ball: Pocket Ball, Filled Pocket Ball
Cat: Cat, Collarbound Cat
Romantic Rose: Romantic Rose, Tainted Rose
Decursed Cat Collar: Decursed Cat Collar, Decolored Decursed Cat Collar
Platypus: Platypus, EnteredName The Platypus
Plums: Plums, Prunes
Moly: Moly, Holy Moly
Marieke Doll: Marieke Doll, Darth Marieke Doll, Doom Marieke Doll, Glitchieke Doll, Goth Marieke Doll, Scouting Marieke Doll, Valentines Marieke Doll
Deluminator: Deluminator, Charged Deluminator
Clonegg 5000: Clonegg 5000, Primed Clonegg 5000
Shapeshifter's Egg: Shapeshifter's Egg, Incubated Shapeshifter's Egg
Fridge Bot: Fridge Bot, Activated Fridge Bot
Improbaglitchity Device: Improbaglitchity Device, Activated Improbaglitchity Device
Slipstream Slingshot: Slipstream Slingshot, Activated Slipstream Slingshot
Owl: Owl, Arcane Owl
Raccoon: Raccoon, Doom Raccoon, Woo The Raccoon
Plunger: Plunger, Used Plunger
Baseball Bat: Baseball Bat, Home Run Bat
Wooden Stake: Wooden Stake, Sanctified Stake
Dys & Downie Tag Team: Dys & Downie Tag Team, Tag Team: Dys, Tag Team: Downie
Plush Downie: Plush Downie, Heroic Plush Downie, Empowered Heroic Plush Downie, Specter Downie
Iron Helmet: Iron Helmet, Damaged Iron Helmet
Nuclear Reactor: Nuclear Reactor, Damaged Nuclear Reactor
Log: Log, Captain's Log
Stress Ball: Stress Ball, Stressed Ball
Toast: Toast, Buttered Toast
Dildo: Dildo, Infected Dildo
Fleshlight: Fleshlight, Infected Fleshlight
Choice Scarf: Choice Scarf, Yui The Choice Scarf
Voodoo Doll: Voodoo Doll, Voodoo Doll: Player
Demon Hunter's Blindfold: Demon Hunter's Blindfold, Demon Hunter's Blindfold Of True Sight
Donation Thermometer: Donation Thermometer, Filled Donation Thermometer
Pair Of Socks: Pair Of Socks, Temporal Pair-o-Sox
Food Bowl: Food Bowl, Filled Food Bowl
Scout Uniform: Scout Uniform, Eagle Scout Uniform
Pineapple: Pineapple, Ripe Pineapple
Super Soaker: Super Soaker, Golden Super Soaker
Sheathed Muramasa: Sheathed Muramasa, Muramasa
Spell Card: Spell Card, Uncharged Spell Card
Dino Mount: Dino Mount, Fed Dino Mount
Claíomh Solais: Claíomh Solais, Charged Claíomh Solais
Hofud: Hofud, Transdimensional Hofud
The Infinity Gauntlet: The Infinity Gauntlet, The Completed Infinity Gauntlet
Finity Gauntlet: Finity Gauntlet, Completed Finity Gauntlet
Downie's Gift: Downie's Gift, Legendary Downie's Gift
English Breakfast: All possible combinations of 1-4 of the 4 pieces