Inside The Cave (flavor text)

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If you're looking for the main page for this event, see Inside The Cave.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching the Subterranean Stream with vision and without being on Fire or Dehydrated:

Subterranean Stream
You walk up to a subterranean stream. You let your hand slide through the cold, crystal clear water.

You drink some cool water. Ahhh, nice.
Fill your Bucket:
Use your Pet Bear to fish:
Use your Fishing Pole:
Use your Inflatable Crocodile:

Upon reaching the Subterranean Stream event while Unable To Eat Or Drink, the following line is omitted:

Subterranean Stream
You drink some cool water. Ahhh, nice.

Upon reaching Burka Durka Durka! while Unable To Eat Or Drink:

Burka Durka Durka!
'Burka Durka Durka!' you say!

The terrorists all stop talking and they seem unsure what to respond to that. Then they all cheer and shout and offer you a beer. You decline politely because you're currently Unable To Eat Or Drink. Guess they weren't all that bad...


Upon reaching Bashful:

You bump into Bashful. He immediately turns away his head and blushes. You... are not quite sure what to do.
[Just leave]

Let's give this dwarf some confidence already!

Upon giving Bashful a Mojo item:

Mojo, Baby!
You hand Bashful your MojoItem. He turns completely red, but drinks it. He then explodes in a puff of red smoke!


When the smoke clears, Bashful walks up to you and says with a deep, sensual voice:

'Thanks, baby. I haven't felt this confident in my entire life. Here, let me reward you by casting this spell on you from this Ancient Light Scroll I dug up last year. And after that I'm gonna find me some ladies! Awwwww yeah!'

Bashful casts a spell on you and you gain 2 Speed!

Upon simply leaving Bashful:

You decide to leave. You're not in the mood to socialize with dwarves with a lack of confidence right now.