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If you're looking for the flavor text for this subevent, see Inside The Cave (flavor text).

Inside The Cave is a subevent that can be reached from entering The Cave at The Abandoned Mine or Storm's End.

When Entering The Cave from The Abandoned Mine, it is possible to find a Torch with 1 or 2 charges if you do not already have a Torch. Note that finding a Torch isn't possible when you enter The Cave from Storm's End.

Each visit, 3 or 4 (or always 5 with the Spelunking feat) interactable options will appear in the image, along with [Go in blindly.] and [Try to get out!]. You can scroll over the image with your cursor while having Night Vision to find and click an interactable option. Note that gaining or losing a source of Night Vision after already reaching the main page of this event won't change if you can select/reveal interactable options.

  • Sleeping Beast cannot appear as an option if a player has one of the The Bear!, Addicted Bear, or The Addicted Bear! events queued that occurred either directly from the Sleeping Beast or from a chain of these events which began at the Sleeping Beast. Neither capturing the Bear in a Pocket Ball during this chain nor sending such a captured Bear after another player will break the chain. Note that turning the Bear into a Pet Bear with an Improbability Device WILL permanently break such a chain.
  • Sleeping Beast and Narrow Passage cannot both appear as options at the same time.
  • Subterranean Stream and the Light Passage leading to The Dragon cannot both appear as options at the same time.
  • Crack In The Wall and Gold Vein cannot both appear as options at the same time.
  • The Bat Sign and Shroom Of Doom cannot both appear as options at the same time.
  • No other combinations are prohibited.

[Go in blindly.][edit | edit source]

If you have Night Vision when you choose this option, you'll simply go to a random interactable option in the image.

If you do not have Night Vision when you choose this option, you'll go to a random option which would have appeared as visible in the image, though some options will be replaced with other subevents. (These changes also occur if you lose your vision source before selecting an interactable option.)

  • Crystal Formation will be replaced with the Sharp Object subevent, which inflicts you with 4 turns of the Bleeding Debuff. You won't be able to mine the formation.
  • Shroom Of Doom will be replaced with the Noxious Spores subevent, in which you are killed by a cloud of spores. You won't receive the shroom.
  • Subterranean Stream won't let you fish/fill Bucket/drink water/use Inflatable Crocodiles, though it does still put out Fire. Also, you die unless you have the Drown Immunity Buff; in the case you have the Buff, you instead become Incapacitated and move 10-14(?) spaces forward.
  • Sleeping Beast will automatically progress to the The Bear! event without giving a chance to simply leave or use a Pocket Ball on the Bear while it sleeps.
  • Crack In The Wall and Ice are the same as with vision, except that choosing [Leave the Cave] if you don't have a vision source makes you become Incapacitated.
  • Bat Sign subevents, Minecart subevents, Dynamite subevents, Narrow Passage, Treasure, Gold Vein, and Light Passage are all the same as with vision.

[Try to get out!][edit | edit source]

You leave the event. Even with Night Vision, this option can result in your Incapacitation (though there is a lower chance than without it.) Without vision, you can die from this option.

Bat Sign[edit | edit source]

You will go to a randomly selected bat-related subevent.

Subevents[edit | edit source]

  • Bats!- You are knocked 7-9(?) spaces back and are given a chance to capture some Bats with your Pocket Ball.
  • Batcave- 2 out of the 4 following items are shown: Spider Mine, Night Vision Goggles, EMP Generator and Signal Jammer. You must choose 1 of them to steal.
  • Batgirl/Robin- You gain 1 permanent Speed once they show you their moves.
  • Batmobile- You hitch a ride and move 10-15 spaces forward.
  • Fruit Bat- You gain a Fruit Bat on cooldown for 2 turns.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The person who appears out of Batgirl and Robin corresponds to your gender. Males see Robin, while females and non-binary individuals see Batgirl.

Minecart[edit | edit source]

The player will go to a subevent with one of the randomly selected Seven Dwarves: Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Dopey, Bashful, Sneezy, or Doc.

Subevents[edit | edit source]

  • Bashful- You can give Bashful one of the following: Flask Of Mojo, Mojo Mead, or Chocolate Salty Balls. If you do, he grants you 2 permanent Speed. You can also simply leave the event.
  • Doc- Doc can give you a random Magic Crystal in exchange for 1 of your non-Soulbound items. You can also choose to simply leave the event or attempt to give him Dragon Balls to simply leave the event.
  • Dopey- You steal Dopey's Weed.
  • Grumpy- Grumpy chases you back 7-12(?) spaces.
  • Happy- You can give Happy a Happy Crystal in order to receive GHB, Flask Of Mojo, Weed, and Crystal Meth. You can also listen to a joke or tell him to "fuck off" instead; if you do, nothing happens effectively.
  • Sleepy- You can use your Rooster on Sleepy to gain 17-25(?) Rupees, give him an Energy Drink to gain 27-34(?) Rupees, give him Coffee to gain 23-31(?) Rupees, give him Super Coffee to gain 53-83(?) Rupees, or use a Mining Pick to gain 3-5(?) Rupees. If you choose to simply wake him up, he'll either fall back asleep or chase you back 3-6(?) spaces. You can also simply leave the event.
  • Sneezy- Sneezy infects you with 4 turns of Common Cold.

Dynamite[edit | edit source]

You will go to a randomly selected terrorist-related subevent.

Subevents[edit | edit source]

If you don't have a Balaclava:

  • Hand Grenade- You steal a Hand Grenade from the terrorist hideout and leave quickly.
  • A Bomb!- Upon continuing, the Throw It Away! event will start with the turn player in control of the bomb.
  • Terrorists! (hit squad version)- You can choose another player to send the terrorists after or choose nobody. They might kill a chosen player, though they might chase you back 10-14(?) spaces instead. If you don't choose one, they will chase you back 10-14(?) spaces.
  • Terrorists! (gun version)- Terrorists begin shooting at you. You can run up to 40 spaces back, with a lower chance of being shot the more spaces you run. If you are hit, you move 25% of your spaces back instead of the amount you typed in. (max. 50) If you aren't hit, you move no further spaces back. Note that being shot won't affect you if you are Bulletproof. Also, you can use your "No." skill instead of running backwards any spaces in this subevent.
  • Ayayayayayayaya!!- A terrorist runs at you and blows you to tiny bits, killing you.
  • Burka Durk- You say Burka Durka Durka! You drink a beer with them. (Does not give the Drunk Neutral Effect, but does count as drinking.)

If you have a Balaclava (Sneakers don't count):

  • Terrorists! (hit squad version)- You can choose another player to send the terrorists after, killing that player. If you don't choose one, they will chase you back 10-14(?) spaces.
  • Disguised- You fool the terrorists into thinking you're one of them, then you grab a Hand Grenade, an ACME Rocket, and Volatile Oil and leave quickly.
  • Burka Durk- You put on your Balaclava and say Burka Durka Durka! to the terrorists and drink a beer with them. (Does not give the Drunk Neutral Effect, but does count as drinking.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

If a chosen player is killed in the Terrorists! (hit squad version) subevent, the turn player is treated as the killer.

Ice[edit | edit source]

You find some Ice with an item inside.

  • If used, Dragonlings and Hot Potato are put on cooldown, Combustible Lemon and Fire Foliot consumed, Flamethrower and Volatile Oil are not consumed, Flaming Bow has 1 arrow consumed, Pyroblast has the player lose 40 Mana, and Torch has 1 charge consumed.
  • Upon melting the ice, the player gains 4-6 Rupees. The player also gains an item, with the following being confirmed as possible items:

Notes[edit | edit source]

Dragon Boots doesn't appear as an option to melt the Ice.

Crack In The Wall[edit | edit source]

You can use an explosive to move an amount of spaces forward:
"blow a hole in the wall"

"blow a big hole in the wall"

"blow a huge hole in the wall"

You can also use a Combustible Lemon, though if you do, you'll just set the Cave on fire and won't move forward any spaces.
You can also simply leave the event.

Subterranean Stream[edit | edit source]

You drink some crystal clear water. Afterward:

  • Fishing Pole and Pet Bear can be used to fish at this location; Pet Bear can catch Fish, while Fishing Pole can catch Salmon in addition to generic items.
  • A Bucket can be filled with water at this location.
  • If you have the Fire Debuff, you can jump in the stream to douse the flames and remove it. Oddly, you can't use an Inflatable Crocodile to move forward and go to The Jungle/The Beach after doing this, though you can still fish/fill your Bucket.
  • If the Fire was your only source of vision, you gain Skip-A-Turn.
  • If you have an Inflatable Crocodile, it can be used (even if it's on cooldown) to move 15-20 spaces forward and randomly go to either The Beach or The Jungle.
  • You can also leave the event, in which case you receive Broken Glass, and potentially a message from a player who bought Message in a Bottle at the BG Shop within the last month is shown.

Narrow Passage[edit | edit source]

You can attempt to [Go through] the Narrow Passage. Possible outcomes of this are:

  • You die.
  • You become Incapacitated.
  • You gain a Relic and move 5-7 spaces forward.
  • You gain a Hookshot and move 5-7 spaces forward.
  • You gain a Soulstone and move 5-7 spaces forward.
  • You gain an ACME TNT and move 5-7 spaces forward.

You can also simply leave the event.

Sleeping Beast[edit | edit source]

You find a sleeping bear. You can wake it up to go to The Bear! event or you can simply leave it alone and leave the event. You can also throw a Pocket Ball at the Bear for a chance to capture it; if unsuccessful, it will kill you.

Light Passage[edit | edit source]

You go to the The Dragon subevent.

Crystal Formation[edit | edit source]

You can use your Mining Pick to mine the formation, gaining 2 items out of the pool of Ancient Ice Crystal, Crystal Meth, Core Crystal, and all the Magic Crystals. You can also simply leave the event.

Treasure[edit | edit source]

You receive either 4-9 Rupees and a random Legendary Ring OR 14-22 Rupees and a random item out of a pool including the following:

Shroom Of Doom[edit | edit source]

You gain the rare Shroom Of Doom item.

Gold Vein[edit | edit source]

You gain 18-27 (?) Rupees.

Mining Pick Passive: You also gain a Lump Of Gold.

Gallery[edit | edit source]