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The objective of Board Game Online is simple, be the first to cross the finish line. During the game, you will encounter a variety of Items, Skills, and mysterious grey figures to help you along the way. Half the fun of BGO is discovery, and you will eventually learn about things like other ways to win, epic combos, and other secrets.
Board Game Online is a (mostly)turn-based game you play by rolling the dice . During a turn, you roll 2 dice and move forward between 2 and 12 spaces. After you roll you receive a random Event where you can buy items, travel through time, and so much more. However, virtually all Items and Skills can be used on other people's turns. Rolling dice is the primary way to move forwards towards the finish line.
When creating a game, a player sets options like finish line, starting Rupees (The game's currency), and other starting options and game modes. Every game is unique; there is no progress between games and you will start anew. This is one of the great things BGO has to offer, because other than skill and luck, long time players have no advantage over newcomers.

Hammer.png - The Trusty Hammer

Pictured above is the Hammer. This item, one of the oldest and most common items, can be used in a variety of hammery situations, but mainly is used to knock back other players who are on your space. Learning how to use items properly is the single most important way to increase your chances of victory.

ChargedDarkWand.png - The Evil Dark Wand

Other items are a little more complicated. The Dark Wand is useless uncharged, but when charged at The Magic Shop or by combining it with a Magic Crystal, another item useless by itself, it becomes charged with Spells that can be used to unleash doom upon your opponents.

The Magic Shop, as I mentioned, is one of many shops included in Board Game Online. There you can buy wands and charge them with various spells, for a price.

Board Game Online is a free to play online multiplayer board game full of random crazy content. Avoid perilous traps, navigate through dangerous events, and outsmart your fellow players on your path to victory!

-Starting a game

-Turn order

-On a player's space

-Your turn:

-Your inventory


-Status Effects

-Chat Log

-Player Effects

-Winning the Game