Heroes Of Dungeons & Dystopia

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Heroes Of Dungeons & Dystopia is an event that can be reached with the Wildcard: Flavor Events Neutral Effect from the [Heroes Of Dungeons & Dystopia] option of Wildcard: Flavor Events or from the [A card picturing a cosy campfire.] option in Cards Of Fate. It can also simply be a random event.

In the event, you are given a choice of 4 figures. You can choose one or simply leave the event.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

  • Upon encounter:
Heroes Of Dungeons & Dystopia

Your travels lead you to a cliff overlooking a smoldering town. Sitting by a campfire you see four figures. Do you want to approach one of them?

[Theofric the Bard]
[Quiet the Monk]
[Orym the Rogue]
[Thazfarn the Paladin]

  • Upon choosing Theofric The Bard:
Theofric The Bard
"You can't start a day without a hearty breakfast! Take this!"

Theofric hands you a [FoodItem]. Wow, thank you!

Theofric The Bard
"Yikes! This treasure is cursed! Please, take it away from me..."

Theofric pushes a [JinxedJewelItem], a [MagicRingItem] and a [MagicRingItem] into your hands. Yikes, well... thanks?

  • Upon choosing Quiet the Monk:
Quiet the Monk
She cannot speak. She smiles at you and invites you to a private lesson.

You don't know how she even managed to do it despite being unable to speak, but she successfully teaches you the [Skill] skill! Awesome!

Quiet the Monk
She cannot speak. She smiles at you and hands you 2 books.

Quiet gives you a [RandomBook] and a [RandomBook]. That's lovely, thank you! <3

  • Upon choosing Orym the Rogue:
Orym the Rogue
"I stole a hefty sum of Rupees last night. Here, share in the wealth!"

Money.png x Y
Orym the Rogue hands you Y Rupees. Woah, thanks! What a generous, somewhat murderous fellow!

Orym the Rogue
"You know what? I don't like your face."

Orym stabs you in the chest with both of his rapiers. You... just wanted to say hello...
You fall on the floor and die.

  • Upon choosing Thazfarn the Paladin:
Thazfarn the Paladin
"I hope this weapon will serve you as well as it did me, my friend."

Thazfarn hands you a [WeaponItem]. Wow, what a noble guy! <3

Thazfarn the Paladin
"A good defense is generally a lot better than a good offense. Please, take this."

Thazfarn hands you an Iron Helmet and a Shield. Wow, what a noble guy! <3

  • Upon choosing to simply leave the event:
Heroes Of Dys-NOPE-ia
Bloody adventurers! Before you know it, they turn out to be chaotic evil or something. You're not gonna help those nerds with some lousy dungeon quest or something. NOPE!


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This event was designed by Revanfodne.