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GoToEventEffect.png Go to event is an effect category. It denotes that the effect which has it is responsible for queuing an event.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you lose a Go to event effect before the queued event is taken from the queue, you don't go to the event.
  • An effect with a delayed queue like Loan Shark is kept with a turn counter of 0 if enough events were queued before gaining it, such that its connected event isn't gone to yet by the time it would normally be gone to; the above bullet still applies in this case.
  • Go to event category effects are almost always lost upon the queued event being taken from the queue. (However, while atypical, it's possible that such an effect may not be instantly lost upon the event being taken from the queue; Gift Of Jumanji, Reincarnated, Choose Class, Choose Class Combo, and Hall Of Heroes are currently the only such effects.)
  • In general, queued events are gone to in the order they are queued (with even delayed queues like from the Loan Shark Debuff out-prioritizing subsequent immediate queues (like with a Wildcard effect) if many turns are gone without an Event Phase and the turn counters for each have reached 0).
  • Note that if a Magic, Go to event effect like Cards Of Fate is gained by a player other than you before you queue another event, and then you steal their Magic, Go to event effect with Spellsteal, the Magic Buff is put at the end of the order rather than before your other event queue.
  • Certain events simply have positive priority such that they bypass this order. Among these, events within the same priority still follow this rule for their own order.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Malaria, Wrath Of The Admin, and Naughty are effects related to event queues that don't have the Go to event category.