Gnomish Mini Mage

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Gnomish Mini Mage is an item.

Gnomish Mini Mage
In-Game Description
Tooltip Order your Mini Mage to observe the Spells you cast until your next turn. After that, you can order him to re-cast all those Spells with the same targets.

Max Spells: 5

While observing: Your Mini Mage is observing your spellcasts until your next turn!

Spells observed: X/5

Once observing is finished: Order your Mini Mage to cast 5 Spells.

Flavor Text The Mini Mage can cast Spells, even if you are currently unable to!
Object, Living, Animal Products, Meat
Uses Unlimited
Cooldown 10

Usage[edit | edit source]

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • Start observing your spellcasts for 1 turn. Up to 5 Spells can be observed.
  • In your next Effects Phase, or after 5 Spells have been observed, the Mini Mage stops observing.
  • Use your Mini Mage again to cast all of the observed Spells with the same targets. These Spells are cast even if you are Silenced, but you are still treated as the caster in all other respects.
  • If no Spells are observed, the Mini Mage reverts to its original state in your next Effects Phase and doesn't go on cooldown.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • See Spell-Triggered Effects for more information on effects like this.
  • The Mini Mage gains the Passive category while observing.
  • Having a Duplicate Gnomish Mini Mage allows you to potentially infinitely cast the same 5 Spells, by observing with one and casting with the other.

Event Use[edit | edit source]

  • TBD

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