Ganesha, The Enlightened Elephant

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Ganesha, The Enlightened Elephant is a random event.

In the event, you can either click on an orb in the event picture, choosing the essence corresponding to the color of the chosen orb, or [Pick a random essence]:

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Upon encounter:

Ganesha, The Enlightened Elephant
Behold, Ganesha, God of Wisdom and owner of a thicc elephant body!

Ganesha foresees the future, but... what does he foresee? Choose an essence, choose your fate...

RED ESSENCE: Ganesha foresees unlocked potential.
GREEN ESSENCE: Ganesha foresees riches.
BLUE ESSENCE: Ganesha foresees material gain.

[Pick a random essence]

Upon picking the red essence:

Ganesha, The Enlightened Elephant
RED ESSENCE: Ganesha foresees unlocked potential.

The time has come to choose your talents!


Upon picking the green essence:

Gold Rush!
GREEN ESSENCE: Ganesha foresees... riches.

Everyone gains some extra cash!

PlayerName1 receives X Rupees!
PlayerName2 receives Y Rupees!

[On with the game!]


Upon picking the blue essence:

BLUE ESSENCE: Ganesha foresees... material gains.

Reinforcements have arrived!
Every player receives several items!