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Future Shop is an event that can be reached with the Wildcard: Shops Neutral Effect from the Wildcard: Shops item's [The Future Shop] option or from visiting a shop in the Futuristic City in The Future. It can also simply be a random event.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

Future Shop

You enter a nearby shop.

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

Future Shop
A Ferengi shopkeep gives you a big smile when you enter the store.
'I can feel that I have just the thing for you!'
Item Price Description upon purchase
Darth Revan's Mask 20 Rupees "I obtained this Mask recently. It appears to be heavily connected to the dark side of the force. It's obviously powerful! You can have it for a very special price!" says the Ferengi with a wide grin on his face.
EMP Generator 7 Rupees "Ahh, yes! These were used in the great war against the machines. Very effectives against sentinels and enemy electronics. Just don't use it in here. You'd ruin me!" says the Ferengi, looking slightly nervous.
Genetic Resequencer 8 Rupees "Ahhh, hoping to become a Ferengi yourself? I can't blame you, but can you handle the competition?" says the smirking Ferengi.
Teleporter 8 Rupees "Simply lock this teleporter where you later want to return. Use the activator to beam yourself to where you attached the teleporter pad. Success guaranteed!" says the Ferengi.
Tractor Beam 9 Rupees "Basic spaceship technology, elegantly downsized for personal use. Especially sensitive to cows, should that kinda thing interest you. Hey, I don't judge, man!" says the Ferengi, disturbingly winking at you.
Personal Forcefield 12 Rupees "It's a dangerous universe out there. What's your personal safety worth to you?" says the smirking Ferengi.
Lightsaber 20 Rupees "Ahh, these have been imported from a galaxy far, far away! They're very lightweight and powerful. Here, let me grab you a nice one." says the Ferengi.
Improbability Device 26 Rupees "Most peculiar thing. It appears to be an infinite teacup. It defies all logic and urinates all over the laws of physics. Using this thing is very dangerous, as it makes the least likely things happen. Jeez, what? A Ferengi criticizing his own wares? See what I mean? Take the damn thing!" says the Ferengi, shooing you away.
Sonic Shotgun 15 Rupees "Ahhh, Monday's Special! This baby has more impact than a Phaser, but generally isn't quite as deadly. If you can knock your enemies into each other, it becomes a very strategic weapon!" says the Ferengi.
Genesis Device 14 Rupees "Ahhh, Tuesday's Special! Hey, keep it down! This technology isn't exactly... legal, you know? Ever since the Genesis Project went sour, the Federation has been looking down on this technology. But I think it's sweet! And profitable!" says the Ferengi.
Clonegg 5000 10 Rupees "Ahhh, Wednesday's Special! I can't believe I'm selling you this so cheap! It's absolutely fantastic technology! You won't be disappointed, sir!" says the Ferengi.
Spice Weasel 7 Rupees "Ahhh, Thursday's Special! Just grab your weasel, hold it over some food and BAM! Edible! And don't you get started about animal cruelty, sir! I mean, it's not like you're eating it, so the weasel should be happy!" says the Ferengi.
Brain Massager 12 Rupees "Ahhh, Friday's Special! If you know the pleasure of getting your head massaged, then you should definitely try this! Getting your brain massaged is so much more intense!" says the Ferengi.
Betazoid Conductor 16 Rupees "Ahhh, Saturday's Special! I don't like Betazoids in my shop. Their telepathy interferes heavily with my ability to bargain. Their technology isn't bad, though!" says the Ferengi.
Unstable Warp Plasm 9 Rupees "Ahhh, Sunday's Special! Sure, this warp plasm isn't stable enough to fuel a warp core, but that doesn't mean it's useless! I'm sure you'll think of some creative uses." says the Ferengi as he winks at you.
Toilet Paper 2 Rupees "The Federation is low on toilet supplies in these times of crisis, but I managed to... procure some."
The Time Stone 20 Rupees "This one's reeaal powerful!" says the Ferengi.
Generic post-purchase quote
'I'm sure you want something else, yes?'
Insufficient funds quote
You grab your bag of Rupees and realise it's terribly light. Damn... no X for you.
Leaving quote
The Ferengi gives you a huge fake smile as you leave the shop.

'Come back soon!'

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • You don't find out the color of a Lightsaber from this shop until after purchasing it. Based on testing, Amethyst has a 10% chance to be the color, while Blue, Green, and Red each have a 30% chance.
  • Darth Revan's Mask has a 25% chance to be available for purchase during each visit to this shop according to the item's designer, Revanfodne. This is boosted to a 100% chance on Star Wars Day.
  • The following items are only sold at this shop on the named day of the week:
  • Monday: Sonic Shotgun
  • Tuesday: Genesis Device
  • Wednesday: Clonegg 5000
  • Thursday: Spice Weasel
  • Friday: Brain Massager
  • Saturday: Betazoid Conductor
  • Sunday: Unstable Warp Plasm