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Frozen is a status items can gain.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

  • Frozen items cannot be "used" by any method except with item and skill uses that interact with Frozen items specifically (or with Frigid Fairy.)
  • The Frozen status ticks down 1 turn for all items in a player's inventory during their Effects Phase. It ticks down 1 turn for all items in non-player inventories during Round Effects.
  • Frozen items do not have their cooldowns/energy/other turn counters tick down.
  • If a Frozen item would be burned, instead it is thawed, so it loses all turns of Frozen.
  • If an item is both Frozen and Highly Flammable, the Highly Flammable category is essentially completely nullified.
  • Frozen Fireproof items can be thawed and can be selected by effects which normally burn a random item(s).
  • Frozen Magnetic items will not have their normal side-effects when attracted by ACME Magnet; they are guaranteed to Incapacitate the Magnet user instead.
  • Frozen Explosive items cannot explode due to Detonation.
  • Frozen Food items cannot be eaten by Filled Pocket Ball with Tarzan, Monkey, Raccoon, Creeping Fungus, or by a player with an effect like Stoned. Frozen Food can, however, be eaten by Starving Ghoul.
  • Frozen items cannot be eaten by Doom Raccoon, Bookworm, or Hungry Bookworm.
  • Frozen Living items cannot be "lured" by Lure Whistle or The Pied Piper's Pipe or affected by Gobbo King or Gobbo King.
  • Frozen Horcrux items cannot be destroyed in the Effects Phase to revive a player, though they do give Weakened Soul if they're removed from the game.
  • Frozen Lesser Demons cannot be sacrificed for Infernal Overseer.
  • Generally speaking, Frozen items do not have their standard passive effects active.
  • Note that a Frozen Marieke Doll will still give Wrath Of The Admin if removed from the game.
  • Note that a Frozen item which is "inherently" Coldblooded from its own effect will still gain double the turns of Frozen if it gains additional turns of Frozen.
  • A Scarf Of The Serpent with its passive effect active will be Frozen for double the amount of turns. However, an already Frozen Scarf Of The Serpent will NOT gain double the turns of Frozen if it gains additional turns of Frozen; this appears to be different from an item like a Crocodile since the Scarf's effect also affects other items.
  • An item can have a max. of 99 turns of Frozen stored up at once.

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