Fortune Cookie

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Fortune Cookie is an item.

Fortune Cookie
In-Game Description
Tooltip Eat this to move 2-4 spaces forward forward and find a special message inside!
Object, Food
Uses 1

Usage[edit | edit source]

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • Eat the Fortune Cookie to move 2-4 spaces forward and receive one of the following fortunes:
    • The following fortunes comprise the generic positive effect-givers pool:
      • "When it's your time to shine, you'll double down!" - Gain an Extra Turn.
      • "You're picking up the pace this year!" - Gain 1 permanent Speed.
      • "You can see clearly now." - Gain Arcane Vision.
      • "An important decision may lead you to strange places." - Gain the Cards Of Fate Buff.
      • "Let's-a go!" - Gain the Star Power Buff.
      • "What seeks to harm you, will be a blessing in disguise." - Gain 8 turns of Spell Shield.
      • "When you walk, try to run instead. Feel the wind in your hair!" - Gain 2 turns of Speed Boost.
      • "Your anxiety will be your strength." - Gain 6 turns of Caffeine Rush.
      • "This year, you can handle the heat!" - Gain 10 turns of Temporary Fire Immunity.
      • "The warmth in your heart will radiate outwards." - Gain 10 turns of Temporary Frost Immunity.
      • "Power rushes through your veins." - Gain Empowered Dice.
      • "This year, YOU will be the bully!" - Gain the Big Goomba Crusher Buff.
      • "You will eat something that tastes like more." - Gain the Delicious Aftertaste Buff.
      • "Your vocabulary will drive people to madness!" - Gain the Ni! skill.
      • "The force is strong in you." - Gain the The Force skill.
      • "You will connect with your inner masculinity." - Gain the Man Mode skill.
    • The following fortunes comprise the generic STD-givers (2) pool:
      • "???" - Gain Syphilis for 2 turns (non-cubus)/6 turns (-cubus).
      • "???" - Gain Chlamydia for 2 turns (non-cubus)/6 turns (-cubus).
      • "???" - Gain Herpes for 3 turns (non-cubus)/9 turns (-cubus).
      • "This year you'll learn the importance of using protection." - Gain Gonorrhea for 3 turns (non-cubus)/9 turns (-cubus).
      • "???" - Gain Crabs for 2 turns (non-cubus)/6 turns (-cubus).
      • "Your health fails you." - Gain AIDS for 9 turns (non-cubus)/27 turns (-cubus).
    • "Sometimes you feel like a curse rests upon you. You may be right." - Gain a random Curse from the generic Lesser Curse-givers pool.
    • "Can you handle the heat?" - Gain 1 turn of Fire.
    • "You feel shackled." - Gain 1 turn of Slow.
    • "The strength in your blood feels drained." - Gain Slowing Poison for 2 turns.
    • "The cold has taken hold of your very soul." - Gain 3 turns of Permafrost.
    • "You want to do so much, but you can't get yourself to do any of it." - Gain 1 turn of Temporarily Disarmed.
    • "You need to take some rest." - Become incapacitated.
    • "You feel like you've been here before." - Move backward by the same amount of spaces you moved forward due to eating the Cookie.

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