Forced End Phase

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The Forced End Phase is the last possible phase in a player's turn. Currently, this phase is only available due to a player using Pillow, Lost Memento, Objection!, Red Card, or Whip, or due to ONE IN A MILLION.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Multiple Forced End events can be gone to in the same phase.
  • If there is a Forced End:
  • If it occurs during Round Effects, the player who is first in join order still has their turn.
  • If it occurs before an Effects Phase, the turn player's cooldowns don't tick down.
  • Any current event for a phase ends immediately with the game having no further direct influence from that event (with the exception of joining House Reyne if the Forced End is in the Pick A House event.)
  • If the turn player has an Extra Turn right after their current turn, they don't lose it.

Events[edit | edit source]