Following The Ley Lines (event)

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Following The Ley Lines can be reached with the Following The Ley Lines Buff. It cannot simply be a random event.

In the event, upon continuing twice you receive a Dark Wand, Light Wand, Orb, Staff, Wizard Hat, Wizard Robes, all Magic Crystals, and a Tome Of Magic. Also, Salem the Cat will jump out of a Filled Pocket Ball if he is currently inside one. Note that Following The Ley Lines and the The Ancient Portal subevent have abnormally high action timers of 240 seconds. Also note that this event can oddly enough be gone to over and over again through the same method within 1 game; the runes and the Ancient Magics Global Effect will persist unchanged.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Upon encounter:

Following The Ley Lines
You arrive at a location unlike anything you've ever seen. No. Everything seems normal, but you just know that nothing is ordinary here. The trees, the birds... even the sky feels out of place. You feel like the entire place is unreal.

It takes you a while to realize that the sound of the birds has slowly died down while you were looking around. And it's not just the birds... the wind is gone as well. You look around and see how the ravens in the trees stare at you. It's quite unsettling, really. You half expect something incredibly silly to happen now. Probably something related to Time Travel Condoms or Falling Pigs.


Okay, so nothing particularly silly happens. You are surrounded by absolute silence. You notice that even the sun seems to have stopped. It's as if it doesn't even burn. It's just there, unmoving. Is this even sunlight you're feeling? Okay, you may be going slightly crazy. Slightly more so than you've been so far.

The center.

Yes. The center. You should approach it. You knew that! Of course there was a center. Right in the middle of all these trees. These. Trees.

You shake your head. What the fuck is going on? You take a deep breath and stare at the mossy ground at the center of the forest. It looks ordinary, but it feels like it's the most wicked place you've ever seen. You should probably turn back and walk away now. Maybe you can visit a shop, buy some stuff to kill people with? Win the game and all that?

You feel like the game doesn't matter anymore. There is something more important for you to do. A quest of actual magnitude. You will... the portal.

Say what? Okay, you are definitely hearing voices. Screw this! You're going in! You take a few steps and find yourself exactly where you want to be. Wait. Did you want to be there? Really? Why would you even...

The ground shakes! The trees are gone! Bearded men are standing all around you, chanting. It is so loud! The sky is gone! The birds, the sun! You fall to the ground and notice that it isn't shaking at all. You are shaking!

The portal opens.

Upon continuing:

Time Passes

Upon continuing from Time Passes:

The Ancient Portal

You open your eyes and look at a bright sky. Birds are singing. The sun warms your skin. This is nice. You aaaaalso remember that something pretty horrible happened. You're not sure how long ago that was. You may have been out here a while.

The portal that burned a bright purple has turned to grey. You stand up and touch it. It feels like concrete. You can't move through concrete. This renders the portal pretty useless. Crap.

Then you remember another thing. A black cat ran past you and jumped into the portal. That must have been the last thing that happened before you passed out. You're pretty sure that was Salem, the cat that used to wear the Cursed Cat Collar. If only you knew where he'd gone to or how you could follow him, but the portal seems broken and you have no clue how to make it work again. So yeah.

You feel that you've reached the end of a journey, but you also have a strong feeling that this is the beginning of something else. For now, you will have to wait and let time do the rest...

Thank god, let's get back to being silly! Seems like a whole bunch of wizards exploded around you and you're a big fan of looting! You grab a huge bunch of great looking stuff and put it in your inventory!

Time to win a game, bitches!

Chatbox Text[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching The Ancient Portal:

PlayerName opened the Ancient Portal, witnessed Salem jump through it and looted a whole bunch of sweet stuff! Booyah!