Fixed Chance Phase (flavor text)

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Event Text[edit | edit source]

Loot Crates!
Time for some free loot!


All players receive a free Loot Crate!
Oh fucksticks! Our Loot Crate dispensor has gone into critical overload!


All players receive a free Loot Crate of every type! Holy crap, that's a lotta items!
[What the fuuuuuuck?!]
The Hungry Games
A loud voice suddenly booms from loudspeakers all around you...

'Welcome, citizens, to the annual Hungry Games! You have each been selected as a tribute. Compete by eating food and killing your opponents. And as always...'


[Let the games begin!]

Some asshole in dragon themed armor jumps out of the bushes next to you, shouting "DEMACIA!". He smacks you with a big spear thing until you die. Painful!/

Someone attacks you with a banana. You should've followed the 'Self-Defence Against Fruit' course./

Someone tells you the world's funniest joke./

An Iraqi journalist throws a shoe at you./

A rogue stunlocks you to death./

You eat a funny looking mushroom./

You get chopped to pieces by Itchy./

Britney Spears gives you the kiss of death./

You combust spontaneously./

You get hit by a train./

You make a funny joke about Vladimir Putin./

You post a slightly offensive tweet. You get brutally canceled./

You enter the lion habitat at the zoo because you want to pet the kitties. The lions love you to bits! Literally./

You get wet in the rain and decide to dry your hair by sticking your head into a microwave. Whatever happens, you deserve it for being a dipshit./

You hold your breath and try to break your personal record. Come on! You can do it!/

You try to render yourself immune to the Coronavirus by injecting bleach into your bloodstream. You're an idiot./

You're performing a task when you notice one of your friends enter the room through a nearby vent. "Hello friend!"/

You politely offer to help a werewolf cross the road. He rips you to pieces. Next time, just don't./

You get stung by a Stingray.


You get eaten by a ghost!


You die.


Pot O' Gold
"I've hidden me pot o' gold! First one to find it, gets the whole stash!"

Ooooo, shiny! Quickly, capture that Pot O' Gold! It's on space X!

Catch That Leprechaun!
"I tell you what, you silly langer! If you can catch me, I'll let you make a wish! And off I gooooo..."

Get that damn Leprechaun to win 20 Rupees and a random Lucky Charm! He's on space X!


Pocket Ball, GO!
Somehow you came back alive and now you try to catch the Stingray that stung you! Crikey!

You quickly throw your Pocket Ball to catch the Stingray! The nasty beast gets sucked in, and the Pocket Ball keeps wiggling. After a few seconds it stops moving. Wow, you managed to capture a Stingray! Take that, Steve Irwin!


Pocket Ball GO!
The time has come to be the very best!


Use your awesome Pocket Ball to catch all the creatures in the game!

The first player to catch different creatures gains +2 Speed and a crappy Chikapu!

[Gotta Catch 'Em All!]

Seal Of Seals
"Behold, mortals! It is I, the Seal Of Seals! Can you break my magical seals to gain access to the treasures within these containers? We shall find out soon enough..."

The Seal Of Seals has granted everyone a Sealed Container! Let's start clubb... errr... breaking some seals!


Enchanting Encounter
Everyone receives a Bottle Of Antifreeze, a stick of Butter, an Ethereal Gem, a Fire Opal, a Mustache Of Life, some Sparkle Polish, a Spice Weasel and a Tube Of Glue!


Let's enchant some stuff!

Spider-Man has arrived to protect the neighborhood!

"Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, ready to save you! Just remember though. Everybody gets one."


Suddenly Pineapples
Suddenly Pineapples fall from the sky and everyone get one!



The Bear Is Still Loose!
Oh, the humanity!
The Hall Of Heroes
The heroes of BGO shine their light on this game.

All players are destined to encounter the fabled Hall Of Heroes!


Monkey Business
Everyone receives a thieving Monkey!


Let's go ape, y'all!

The Dogefather

The Dogefather himself has arrived to give everyone a precious Dogecoin!



Unstable Rift

A rift has opened, weakening the barrier between our universe and the void beyond.
Everyone receives an Unstable Portal!



You put on some Reflective Shades to protect yourself against Hypno Glasses!
Let's Get It Hot In Here
Having plenty of items and skills is cool, but cooldowns ain't cool. Let's make it hot in here and reset all those pesky cooldowns!


Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy joy joy joy!


You won the freaking one in a million chance! You get instantly teleported to space 1,000,000!

Seriously man! One in a million... 1:1,000,000... Do you have ANY idea how lucky you are?!

YOU. ARE. LUCKY. Lucker! Oh Em Gee! This NEVER happens.
[Holy fuck! AWESOME!]

Dragon Balls
You discover the legendary Dragon Balls!

Dragon Balls.png

They are scattered across the game and ended up in the inventories of (list of 2-7 players who received a Dragon Balls (item)). If you kill a player with Dragon Balls, you steal one. If you collect all 7 Dragon Balls, you will be able to make a powerful wish!


Gotta Go Fast
Gotta go fast!

All players gain 1 Speed!


Gust Of Wind
A powerful gust of wind blows all players X spaces forward!

Yup, that's it. Not everything needs to be complicated and double-edged all the time, you know?




Second Chances
Everyone deserves a second chance! Back to start with the lot of ye!


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