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If you're looking for this Phase's events' flavor text, see Fixed Chance Phase (flavor text).

The Fixed Chance Phase occurs between the Roll Phase and the Effects Phase. Random event probabilities are variable. There is a large chance that no Fixed Chance event will occur, in which case the phase is invisible.

The event queue for this phase is global, though only 1 player has the event; the first eligible player to reach the Fixed Chance Phase after an event is queued will have the queued event. Currently, the only way to queue a Fixed Chance event is with the Radio item's [Reinforcements] option. Also, only 1 event can be queued for the phase at a time; if [Reinforcements] for the Radio is used more than once before an eligible player has a Fixed Chance Phase, only 1 will ever apply.

You usually can't have a Fixed Chance event while Dead. (An interesting exception is if you die upon/after reaching a Roll Streak x# page in the Roll Phase before the Fixed Chance Phase.)

Globally Affecting Events[edit | edit source]

Items/Rupees[edit | edit source]

Buffs/Debuffs/Neutral Effects/Global Effects[edit | edit source]

  • You've Got Da Powah- All players receive the Empowered Dice Buff.
  • Classes!- All players receive the Choose Class Neutral Effect. (For some reason, the Resurrection Phases are skipped on the turn a player has this event, then they go to the Class Choice event even if Dead; this only applies to the player who actually has the Classes! event.)
  • The Hall Of Heroes- All players receive the Hall Of Heroes Neutral Effect connected to a queue for the Hall Of Heroes event. (For some reason, the Resurrection Phases are skipped on the turn a player has this event, then they go to the Hall Of Heroes event even if Dead; this only applies to the player who actually has the The Hall Of Heroes event.)
Hall Of Heroes (Neutral Effect) Tooltip
You're going to the Hall Of Heroes!

NeutralEffect.png Neutral Effect, Category: Go to event

  • The Hungry Games- All players receive the Hungry Games Neutral Effect.
  • Nothing occurs if Hungry Games is already active.
  • There Ain't No Party Like An Alcoholic Party!- All players receive 5 turns of the Drunk Neutral Effect and are treated as drinking.
  • Happy Happy Joy Joy!- All players receive 3 turns of the Crazy Neutral Effect.
  • Everyone has AIDS!- All players receive the AIDS Debuff for 5-8 turns (non-cubus)/16-20 turns (-cubus). Note that the duration can vary for each player.
    Accompanying video:
  • Pocket Ball GO!- All players receive the Pocket Ball item. Also, the Pocket Ball GO Global Effect is started. Note that this event cannot occur unless at least 1 player is missing the Pocket Ball item.
  • Auction Time- The Auction Global Effect is started.
  • U.N. Motion- The U.N. Voting Global Effect is started.
  • Dragon Balls- The Dragon Balls Global Effect is started.

Event Phase Event Queuers[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • SPAM!- Spam windows fill the screens of all players. The first player to close all spam windows on their screen receives the Spam component of the English Breakfast; additionally, the spam windows of all other players are forced to close at this time.
  • Second Chances- All players return to space 0. According to a July 2012 News post, this event will not occur "in games with more than 5 players." According to the admin Dysprosium in April 2016, the highest space one of the game's players can be on with this event still having a chance to occur "depends on the finish line," and the event "currently doesn't occur when the finish line is 250 or more."
  • Let's Get It Hot In Here- All cooldowns in the game are reset. (This event can only occur while the Wild Mode: Classy Combos Global Effect is active.)
  • Gotta Go Fast- All players gain 1 permanent Speed.

Turn Player Affecting Events[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Click The Chicken- The Chicken item (normal)/Festive Chicken (Christmas) is set to appear in all players' inventories during a future Effects Phase. This Effects Phase is not determined at the time of the Click The Chicken event; rather, the game "rolls the dice" with a chance for the effect to occur every time a player has an Effects Phase until the effect occurs once.
  • Nothing occurs if a player gets this event while a previous Click The Chicken event's corresponding Chickens are still pending.
  • The Bear Is Loose!- A random player has the The Bear! event queued for their Event Phase with a 2-4 turn delay.
  • Nothing occurs if a player gets this event while any player currently has The Bear! queued.

Gallery[edit | edit source]