Festive Present

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Festive Present is an item.

Festive Present
In-Game Description
Tooltip This is a carefully wrapped present.
Give this present to another player!/Open this present to see what's inside!
Object, Duplicate
Uses 1 (give), 1 (open)

Usage[edit | edit source]

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • If not yet given as a gift: Target another player. Give them the Present as a gift; you lose the Naughty Debuff, then if you did, you gain 8 turns of the Nice Buff.
  • Nice: You have a random Nice subevent when you go to the Santa event. If you are alive during the Effects Phase when this effect's turn counter is 0 and you have already had a Nice Santa subevent taken from your event queue with this specific Buff, the Buff activates and is lost; you gain Wrapping Paper and the Naughty Debuff at this time. If The Light Switches On... and you have sex in an "Oh my god! That's sick!" subevent, the Buff is lost; you gain the Naughty Debuff at this time. The Nice effect cannot stack, be extended, or be replaced.
  • If given as a gift: Open the Present.
  • Almost always: The item inside explodes on your space as if exploded normally. If any player(s) die directly due to the explosion, the player who gave the Present (if there is one) is treated as the killer, and the opener is not (unless Santa gave the Present, in which case the player who opens the Present is treated as the killer.) (Note that if you already have a copy of the inside item in your inventory, you don't lose it.)
  • Very rarely: You gain the item inside the Present.
  • If the item inside is Teleporter Activator: The Activator inside is destroyed. (Note that if you already have an Activator in your inventory, you don't lose it.)
  • If the item inside is not one of the items in the above bullets: You gain the item inside the Present. There's also a chance that you gain Wrapping Paper.
  • If there is no item inside: Nothing occurs besides this item being removed from the game.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Nice Buff cannot wear off if its turn counter is 0 and you haven't had a Nice Santa subevent taken from your event queue. (However, it will still wear off if it's taken from the queue but you have a Forced End before reaching the event.)
  • A true copy of Festive Present cannot be made.
  • A Present is not treated as "given" simply due to being stolen or traded.
  • A Present which is not yet "given" cannot be replaced by another Present. However, a "given" present can be replaced.
  • A Present from Santa is treated as "given".
  • An item inside a Festive Present is treated as being in a non-player inventory, not your own inventory.
  • The only way for there to be no item inside the Present is if an item in the present is destroyed due to the Horcrux Buff, stolen by Confiscate Evidence, etc. (which can occur even if the item is a Teleporter Activator or an item which explodes upon opening the present.)
  • When you gain Wrapping Paper from opening the Present, enchantments from the Present are NOT retained.
  • Spider Mine, Explosive Cigar, Defective Turret, Pipe Bomb, BOOM-erang, Go-Kart, and any explosive remotes do not explode if you open a Present containing them.

Inherent Effect Tooltip[edit | edit source]

Nice Tooltip
You have been nice. Santa will reward you for your good deeds.

Category: Buff, Unremovable

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