Fake Fake Turd

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Fake Fake Turd is an item.

Fake Fake Turd
In-Game Description
Tooltip Throw this at a nearby player, causing them to skip a turn. In addition, they will become Very Stinky for 5 turns, causing nearby players to run to a safe distance of at least 8 spaces during their Effects Phase.
Flavor Text NOTE: This debuff may have some side-effects. You're very very stinky after all.
Object, Animal Products
Uses 1
Range 20 spaces

Usage[edit | edit source]

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • Target another player.
  • If they are within range: Give them Skip-A-Turn and 5 turns of Very Stinky.
  • If they aren't within range: Nothing occurs aside from you losing this item.

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