FSM Afterlife

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FSM Afterlife can only occur randomly as the first Resurrection Phase event after becoming Dead or as a guaranteed Resurrection Phase event following a turn wherein you had FSM Afterlife and have not yet revived since.

In the event, you roll two 12-sided dice and add your total Speed, then you move forward that amount of spaces. (Unknown if you move backwards if the space amount is negative.) Then, you go to one of the below randomly selected subevents.

Subevents[edit | edit source]

Beach/Pirates!/Meaning Of Life[edit | edit source]

These 3 subevents are mechanically identical. In the events, you randomly gain one of the following:

Bliss Bolognese[edit | edit source]

You can choose one of the following options:

  • [Beer Volcanoes]: You drink 2-5 beers, gaining the Drunk Neutral Effect for an amount of turns equal to the amount of beers drunk. You are also treated as drinking (only once).
  • [Noodles Of Cleansing]: You eat the Noodles Of Cleansing, removing all Debuffs from yourself. (Even unremovable effects can be removed. However, passively granted Debuffs won't be removed. Also, the T-Rex effect isn't removable despite technically having the Debuff category.)
  • Eating the Noodles counts as eating a generic Food item. (It is NOT treated as though you are eating a Meat or Animal Products item.)
  • [Resurrection]: You go to the Pity subevent below.

Pity[edit | edit source]

Can be random or be reached from Bliss Bolognese. You revive and have a chance to capture the Flying Spaghetti Monster with your Pocket Ball.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • FSM Afterlife has a near 0% chance to occur as the first Resurrection Phase event after becoming Dead.
  • No "Related Effects" in the Roll Phase affect rolling in this event, also there can be no rollstreaks for this event.