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The Event Phase occurs at the end of a player's turn, being the last thing possible excluding a Forced End. Most Event Phase base events lead to subevents; only events which can appear as base events are included on this wiki page (excluding a select few major subevents). It should be noted that only 1 base event can be gone to per turn per player.

Each player has their own event queue. If the event queue is empty for the turn when it is checked, you go to a random event if you reach the Event Phase. Some random events have higher chances of occurring than others, and these chances can be influenced by certain effects, items, or seasonal promotions. Multiple of the same event can be placed in the queue at once.

The event queue is typically checked on the visible page immediately preceding the Event Phase (but can be the one immediately preceding the Poll Phase), at the earliest the Effects Phase page (though this could potentially be on the 1st Resurrection Phase, after making a choice for either Jukebox Phase, or for the Choose An Item Phase). If the visible page immediately preceding the Event Phase is before the Effects Phase, the event queue is checked on an invisible page immediately before the first visible Event Phase page.

In general, queued events are gone to in the order they are queued (with even delayed queues like the Relic prayer and Loan Shark out-prioritizing subsequent immediate queues (like with a Wildcard) if many turns are gone without an Event Phase and the turn counters for each have reached 0), though certain events can simply out-prioritize other events.

Delayed, queued events (like with the Relic prayer) have their turn counters tick down invisibly during the Effects Phase.

You are actually treated as being inside a queued event the moment it is taken from the queue with respect to an item like Shovel. (This doesn't apply to Naughty queuing a new Santa event.)

If you are Dead when the event queue would be checked, no event is taken from the queue. If you revive immediately after, you will still go to an Event Phase event, but you will go to a random event even if you have events in the queue.

It should be noted that the description presented on this wiki of how broad the "Event Phase" is more narrow than what the admin Dysprosium would call the "Event Phase" (which would include as far back as the 1st Jukebox Phase). This is a nominal difference in turn structure made for precision rather than a substantial difference.

Standard Random Events[edit | edit source]

Core Events[edit | edit source]

Traveling Salesmen[edit | edit source]

Skill Events[edit | edit source]

Item Events[edit | edit source]

Rick Roll Events[edit | edit source]

  • 999,999,999th Visitor!!!
  • Alizée/Johnny Depp
  • Diss Card: Destroy
  • Lottery!
  • Massive Destruction!
  • Mega Speed Potion!
  • Super Awesome Gun
  • Super Models
  • Tank
  • Too Good To Be True
  • Unicorn Power

Fan Art Events[edit | edit source]

  • A Beautiful Sunset
  • A Friendly Dragon
  • A Gentle Nudge
  • A Sly Raccoon
  • A Tank!
  • A Tiny Whale
  • A Warg
  • A... Spaceship?
  • Amish
  • An Angel
  • Angry Bird
  • Bianca Buzzle
  • Boink!
  • Carl's Mighty Chops
  • Castle Of Dystopia
  • Chen
  • Cherry Pie
  • Christmas Moose
  • Commander Geng's Jank
  • Crazy Ex
  • Cthulhu Has Awoken!
  • Drifting Expert
  • Duckweed
  • Explosive Flatulence
  • Floating Nicolas Cage Head
  • Friendly Fruitbat-cat
  • Gobba Go Fast
  • Grooving Trio
  • Hattifattener
  • Look, Up In The Sky!
  • Man-Eating Toilet
  • Manhole
  • Mr. Hollywood
  • Noticed By Senpai
  • Party Time
  • Petilil Dance
  • Rahh The Foxgoat
  • Rogue Of Void
  • Safety First, Bitch!
  • Search History
  • Shrank Hill
  • Sinister Monster
  • Skrillex
  • Space Cocktopus
  • Spood Beest
  • Spooky Scary Skeletons
  • Stablemaster
  • Stepping On A Lego
  • Sw&G Tr00pers
  • Talking Russian Dog
  • The Power Of Tumblr
  • Time-Turner
  • Two Girls One Cup
  • Worker Jerker
  • Zoof!

Catamancer Cat Events[edit | edit source]

  • A Blazing Kitten
  • Catdalf The Grey
  • Muricat

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Cannibal
  • Dog Turd
  • Forgot Your Phone
  • Papua!
  • The Bright Side Of Death
  • The Bright Side Of Life
  • Fart
  • Musical Fart
  • A Chill In The Air
  • Don't Starve!
  • Spooky Scary Skeleton Mage
  • Spooky Scary Skeleton Thief
  • Zombiepocalyps! (Perverted Corpse version)
  • Zombiepocalyps! (Burning Abomination version)

Standard Queued Events[edit | edit source]

Negative Priority[edit | edit source]

This event will be out-prioritized by all other events queued after it.

  • Crossroads (queued for each player after 2-4 of their own Effects Phases after the game begins and also always queued for each player 8-10 Effects Phases after their last Crossroads event was taken from the queue; note that each player's queuing schedule is independent)

Positive Priority[edit | edit source]

These events will out-prioritize other events queued before them.

Queued By Game Settings[edit | edit source]

  • Artifact Choice (queued when the game begins for a Boss with the option selected in Passives & Effects before the game begins)

Queued By An Effect[edit | edit source]

Buffs[edit | edit source]

Neutral Effects[edit | edit source]

Debuffs[edit | edit source]

Global Effects[edit | edit source]

Queued By An Item[edit | edit source]

Queued By An Event[edit | edit source]

Seasonal Specific Random Events[edit | edit source]

  • Evil Incantations
  • Immortal
  • Overlord
  • Pirate Treasure

Seasonal Specific Queued Events[edit | edit source]

Major Subevents[edit | edit source]

Defunct Events[edit | edit source]

The following events are defunct, though it's not entirely clear if they were base events or even Event Phase events.