Effects Phase (flavor text)

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If you're looking for the main page for this phase, see Effects Phase.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

  • Upon Tag Team: Dys activating:
Dys completed the Downie's Gifts and tags Downie. Time to inspect the gifts, Downie!
  • Upon Black Dragon Egg activating:
Your Black Egg consumes your flames! The heat causes a Black Dragonling to hatch from it! Wow... it would seem you are now the proud father of a Dragon!


Oh my sweet lord! That's a Nightfury! The rarest of dragons! You are incredibly lucky to have obtained such a powerful Dragonling!

  • Upon Flying Spaghetti Monster escaping from your Pocket Ball:
The Flying Spaghetti Monster escaped from your Pocket Ball!
'I have to leave to grant others a better afterlife. Enjoy all the wonders this life has to offer.', he says, before he disappears.
  • Upon Gorgonic Gaze activating vs. a player with Reflective Shades:
Your Gorgonic Gaze affects PlayerName and Petrifies him/her. PlayerName countered the gaze with his/her Reflective Shades!

  • Upon Actually Pretty Radical Item Loot's item generation activating:
Actually Pretty Radical Item Loot
More items is better! Better is better! Wheeeee!
  • Upon Actually Pretty Radical Item Loot's Auto-Resurrection generation activating:
Fantastic Occurrence Of Life Saving
BGO is dangerous. Here, have an Auto-Resurrection! Kapowza!
  • Upon Whistling A Happy Tuna activating:
You whistle a happy tuna. You move X spaces forward! (If it's ending:) You're out of inspiration for happy tunas now.
  • Upon Radiation Sickness activating:
You feel really sick because of the Radiation Sickness and visit your doctor. You move back X spaces.

You feel really sick because of the Radiation Sickness. You stay in bed and your turn ends...

  • Upon Radiation Sickness wearing off:
Your Radiation Sickness wears off!
  • Upon Gonorrhea activating:
You have Gonorrhea, but apart from the pain around your genitals when you pee it doesn't seem to affect you much right now...


You feel quite sick because of your Gonorrhea disease and stay in bed this turn. Your turn ends.


You feel really sick because of your Gonorrhea disease and stay in bed this turn. You pass out later and become incapacitated. Your turn ends.