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If you're looking for this phase's flavor text, see Effects Phase (flavor text).

The Effects Phase occurs between the Fixed Chance Phase and the 1st "Class Choice Phase/Jukebox Phase->Resurrection Phase" loop. All effects in this phase occur on one page. Only the turn player's effects apply in each Effects Phase. Many things happening in this phase aren't visible in the phase's page and happen even if the phase itself is invisible.

There are Effects Phase based effects and Round based effects which activate and/or wear off in this phase. Effects Phase based effects with a duration have their turn counters tick down during each Effects Phase, while Round based effects have their turn counters tick down during Round Effects. (This dichotomy holds true even during an Extra Turn.) Effects which have no duration are listed under Effects Phase Based by default.

Effects trigger in the Effects Phase in the order they were created. Then, item/skill passives in the Effects Phase trigger in the order the items/skills were created.

  • It should be noted that Spellsteal technically ends an effect and creates a new effect instead of there being a simple effect transfer. Item/skill theft does not behave this way.
  • Grand Appearance technically has an invisible "effect" rather than a passive effect. As such, it can trigger before an effect like Rooted wears off.

Turn counters for all things below (that have turn counters) tick down by 1 for the turn player if the turn player has them (excluding Legendary Rings). NONE of them will tick down for a non-turn player.

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