Easter Shoppe

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Easter Shoppe is an event that can be reached from Crossroads during Easter or with Go To Easter Shoppe. It can also simply be a random event during Easter.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

Easter Shoppe

You stand in front of a smug giant rabbit. He casually bites on a carrot as he eyes you over.

'I know what you're gonna say, mate, and I can put your mind at ease. I'm him. I'm the Easter Bunny. And before you grab your bag of Rupees, you can just stop right there. I'm only interested in delicious Easter Eggs. Fetch me some and I'll sell you my amazing wares.'

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

The Easter Shoppe
'So, tell me! What do you want to buy?'
Item Price Description upon purchase
Candy Cane 4 Easter Eggs 'Trading candy for candy! Just my style!'
Magic Carrot 12 Easter Eggs 'Carrots are rabbit candy, mate! And these babies are magical too! Good for your eyes, so you can... see in the dark. If you know what I mean, of course. *wink wink*'
Albino Bunny 14 Easter Eggs 'Not all bunnies are awesome like yours truly. Try to keep this little fellow away from fires. He's very excitable and... ignitable.'
Strawberry Cake 20 Easter Eggs 'I've got a whole stock of these tasty cakes. I'm not a cake man, though, so I'll gladly take those chocolate eggs!'
Festive Chicken 25 Easter Eggs 'So some people say they believe in the 'Easter Bird'... There's no such thing! I do however have some of these Eastery Chickens! Enjoy!'
Egg Launcher 30 Easter Eggs 'Now this is the sort of combat I can enjoy! Equipped with 3 particularly sticky eggs!'
Chocolate Surprise Egg 35 Easter Eggs 'Nice choice, mate! Who could possibly resist the temptation of chocolate and a surprise?'
Chocolate Easter Bunny Of Doom 60 Easter Eggs 'Ahhhh... my most powerful weapon! This Chocolate Easter Bunny is filled with dark Easter magics. It can easily take out a cluster of enemies. Though... I believe these babies are cursed.'
Generic post-purchase quote
'So... want more of my awesome wares?'
Insufficient funds quote
'Look here, mate. If you don't have the Easter Eggs, you don't get my wares. It's a simple concept. Now scram! I've got important business to attend to.'
Death quote
You seem to have died at the Easter Shoppe... The Easter Bunny moves his cart away from your corpse. It's bad for business.
Leaving quote
'C ya later, mate! Go ahead and tell your friends you met the Easter Bunny. Hah!'

Gallery[edit | edit source]