Downie's Rainbow Road

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Downie's Rainbow Road is an event that can be reached with the Wildcard: Flavor Events Neutral Effect from the [Downie's Rainbow Road] option of Wildcard: Flavor Events, the talented Trade Routes event, the Going to: Event Neutral Effect from Scout The Area or Spyglass's [Downie's Rainbow Road] option, the Eye Of The Graeae event, the Khufu's Journey event, or from the [A card picturing a figure with a beanie.] option in Cards Of Fate. It can also simply be a random event.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

Downie's Rainbow Road

You stumble upon a magical place as you see a vast amount of characters and personalities enjoy themselves, while others fall through the area back to Earth! Suddenly, you bump into a recognizable figure with a beanie who seems to be tailgating here: holy shit, it's Downie!

"Huh? Oh, hello there, fellow BGO player! Waiting for something to happen?"


Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

Downie's Rainbow Road
"So this is all the items I've created over the course of my existence, though I only just started on this process back in 2017. I also have a customized mini Multiverse Flux that conjures a random donator item, though I think Dys & Sil doesn't know that yet. With that out of the way, take your time, [Player]."

Item Price Description upon purchase
Baseball Bat 9 Rupees "Ah yes, the Baseball Bat. Some Russian guy loves this thing, and he even ascended with it in an alternative universe! To grasp this item comes with responsibility."
Soul Of Determination 10 Rupees "God, falling into the Underground wasn't such a bad idea. This can help ya in a bind when you get Warlock'd-- er, unalived, that's what I meant."
Kulu-Ya-Ku 12 Rupees "A streamer's idea: make a memeable item into the game. Sure, it yells out BIRD UP, but it can also help ya with obtaining crystals when feeding it. Isn't that nifty of a meme?"
Seal 14 Rupees "My friend's idea! She loves Seals, and you should too: otherwise, it could've been a Furry Suit added to this shop! Oh, the controversy!"
Lumpias 16 Rupees "These are quite the snack and definitely puts a pep in your step. I strive to take pride in my Filipino food, after all!"
Go-Kart 35 Rupees "Wait, YOU'RE BUYING OFF MY RIDE?! Dude, how the hell am I supposed to get off this Road now? It's supposed to be a model piece, so it's not very energy-efficient!"
Random Donator items X Rupees Scroll down to see description upon purchase.
Plush Downie 35 Rupees See Event Text.
Generic post-purchase quotes
Downie gives you the Baseball Bat.

Downie transfers you a Soul Of Determination.
Downie carefully hands you a Kulu-Ya-Ku.
A Seal pops into your inventory!
Downie delivers you a plate of Lumpias.
Downie lends you the keys to his Go-Kart, reluctantly.

Upon entering the shop with insufficient funds (5 Rupees or less) quote
Oh, it seems you're poor. Normally other players would laugh at the expense of your empty wallet but lemme help ya out."

Downie lends you 10 rupees! "Oh, and don't worry about paying back, I get monthly checks from the government. Now build on that economy!" What a generous fellow!

Death quote
You seem to have died in front of Downie. Downie doesn't exactly know what to do in these situations, so he uses a Skullripper to rip a Skull out of you (for strategy, of course!) and sends your body back to Earth in a blazing comet. Some folks around the world just witnessed a shooting corpse, wow!
Leaving quote
"Alright then, go get 'em, tiger(ess)!"
Upon purchasing a Donator Item quotes
Donator Name Description Upon Purchase
Someone Downie doesn't know "A donator made this, perhaps you should give it a whirl?"
AmIKawaiiUguu "Oh boy, another AmI-made item. It's pretty common to get one of his items these days."
AzurHeart "The smol bean of the Moderator team. Probably considered as my best friend on BGO."
CaffinatedCourtney "The aroma of coffee, sex, and TLC. She says she's boring but she's one of the coolest players I know."
Doil "Ah yes, the Ruiner of Lives himself. I guess your motive is to kill, then?"
Jacquelyn "The bold and the beautiful Jackie. Be smart and composed, yeah?"
Hawkeman "Pose Master Hawkeman himself. He's cool, but is also a weirdo."
Hollister "The one with the thiccness. Smart lass too."
Latecat "The .01 in any donation. They're daring Dys as always."
MidnightZoro "A quiet one. He's here and there, after all."
Onesie "A fellow Thermo Slayer. He's on his own level."
QueenCerii "The Queen of Dystopia. She-- oh right I can't mention that anymore as I promised her."
Revanfodne "Moderator Darth Revan. The force is strong with this one."
SSkittle "Major contributor to BGO. She crowns skittles as she wins herself in BGO."
Tormaigh "British lad. A soft-spoken voice, but a kind man."
Velveteen "An enduring lady. Challenge her to a long game, if you dare."

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Plush Downie only appears in the shop once all Downie's items have been purchased (The other donator item doesn't count towards this). Buying Plush Downie will automatically make you leave the shop and you will be unable to purchase the other donator item if you haven't done so already.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

  • Upon choosing not to enter the shop:
Downie's Rainbow Road
"Alright then, hope you enjoy the sight of getting back into the game!"

Downie yeets you 10 spaces forward. What a helpful nudge!

  • Upon purchasing Plush Downie:
Plush Downie

"Ah, so I guess playtime's over. Alright, I'll lend you a hand, [Player]!"

Downie turns into Plush Downie for you!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This event was designed by Downie.