Diss Card: Shift (event)

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Diss Card: Shift is a random event.

In the event the turn player can do one of the following:

  • Select the [Choose] option after choosing a player to exchange spaces with the selected player.
  • Select the [Choose] option after choosing <Nobody> to make nothing happen in the event.
  • Select the [Put it in inventory.] option to receive a Diss Card: Shift.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

  • Upon encounter:
Diss Card: Shift
You find a Magical Diss Card: Shift!

With whom do you want to exchange spaces?
[Put it in inventory.]

  • Upon using it on another player:
A magical shift occurs! You exchange places with PlayerName!

You are moved X spaces forward/back!
PlayerName is moved X spaces forward/back!

What an amazing diss!

  • Upon choosing to use it on nobody:
No Diss Card
Afraid to make enemies, eh?
  • Upon putting it in your inventory:
Put It In Your Pocket!

You put the Diss Card in your pocket. You can use it when the time is right...