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Death blockers are items and effects which to various extents stop you from dying.

The death blockers are: Death Immunity, Blessing Of Vengeance, Defensive Stance, Honey Badger Don't Care, Auto-Resurrection, Life Shield, Star Power, Schrödinger's Shield, Jason's Rage, Schrödinger's Box (Class Talent), Infernal Overseer, Voodoo Charm, Ankh Of The Pharaoh, and Dino Mount.

Note that Unable To Kill PlayerName is technically NOT a death blocker.

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Death Tiers[edit | edit source]

Death blockers and other death-triggered effects work in tiers. For reference, tier 0 is the highest tier. Upon death, higher-tiered effects always trigger before lower-tiered effects. If Unable To Kill PlayerName or a death blocker successfully blocks a death, effects in the same tier as Unable To Kill PlayerName/that death blocker and effects in a higher tier than Unable To Kill PlayerName/that death blocker will still activate, but no effects in a lower tier will activate. Tier 5 effects only activate if the death is not blocked at all.

When it comes to the order of effect activations within the same tier, according to a February 15th, 2013 news post, "Living Bomb, Life Link, Life Insurance, Married and Dehydration will trigger in that order." This topic is otherwise not yet investigated.

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