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A Deadly Item, also referred to as a Deadly Illusion, is a type of item masquerading as another item. They all share an item slot.

Deadly Item
In-Game Description
Tooltip This is a deadly item. Of course, in-game this isn't so obvious. If you use this item, you die.
Categories vary
Uses 1

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A Deadly Item has the image of and has an identical tooltip to the item it's masquerading as. Hammer, Potion, Gun, Teleporter, Space Capacitator, Hypno Glasses, Liquid Luck, Lasso, Time Travel Condom, Explosive Sheep, ACME Pogo-Stick, Chicken, Signal Jammer, Banana, and Magic Star are the possible appearances of a Deadly Item.
  • You can have a Deadly Item and the item it's masquerading as in your inventory simultaneously.
  • For every event, skill, and item use with a choice of item, if the item the Deadly Item is masquerading as can be used, the Deadly Item can also be used. Using a Deadly Item in such a way always kills you and consumes the Deadly item. However, a Deadly Item cannot be used for Item Recipes (and won't even count towards making any Recipes show as usable); this means that if you have a regular item and its Deadly Item impostor, you can use the regular item for an Item Recipe without the possibility of using the Deadly Item.
  • Even trying to thaw a Frozen Deadly Item with Volatile Oil will kill you. (The Volatile Oil is not consumed in this case.)
  • The categories listed in the tooltip for each Deadly Item can actually matter.
  • They each really count as having their categories.
  • If a Deadly Item is Magnetic, it can be attracted by Magneto Gloves or an ACME Magnet. In the case of Magneto Gloves, the user gains the Deadly Item. In the case of ACME Magnet, the user is killed, and the Deadly Item is removed from the game.
  • If your Stoned effect ends (due to duration being over), it can make you use a Food Deadly Item. (Note that this just makes you die; you cannot actually eat a Food Deadly Item.)
  • If a Raccoon or Creeping Fungus tries to eat a Food Deadly Item, or if Doom Raccoon tries to eat any Deadly Item, the Deadly Item is consumed, and the Raccoon or Fungus dies and is removed from the game.
  • If a Monkey tries to eat a Banana Deadly Item, the Deadly Item is consumed, and the Monkey dies and is removed from the game.
  • If a Starving Ghoul tries to eat a Food Deadly Item, the Deadly Item is consumed, but the Ghoul is fine.
  • An Activated Fridge Bot can Freeze a Food Deadly Item.
  • Note that the Detonation spell won't affect an Explosive Deadly Item in any way.
  • If a Filled Pocket Ball with Tarzan or a Gorilla is used on a player with a Banana Deadly Item, the Banana Deadly Item doesn't tie in to the effect like a regular Banana.
  • A Chicken Deadly Item isn't removed from your inventory if a real Chicken is used standardly or put into a Pocket Ball.
  • If a Thieving Imp/Niffler tries to steal a Deadly Item, the Deadly Item is consumed, and the Thieving Imp/Niffler dies and is removed from the game.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Any Use[edit | edit source]

  • The player who created this item kills you.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • 8 turns after a Deadly Item is generated by The Demon Jester's Ring or the Deadly Illusion skill, it is removed from the game. (This doesn't apply to a Deadly Item which is a true copy or to an item that was created by transforming a Deadly Item.)

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