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If you're looking for the flavor text for this event, see Crossroads (flavor text).

Crossroads is queued for each player after 2-4 of their own Effects Phases after the game begins. It is also always queued for each player after 8-10 Effects Phases after their last Crossroads event was taken from the queue. (Note that the queuing schedules for this event will be wholly independent for each player, including the initial queue.) Crossroads can also be reached from The Lever's Lucky Lever subevent. Also, note that Crossroads cannot simply be a random event. In addition, note that this is the only negative priority queued event, such that every other queued event will be taken from the queue before Crossroads, whether or not it was queued first. Crossroads can also be reached from the Approaching A Crossroads Neutral Effect queued by Tracking wearing off.

In the event, you randomly receive 4 (or 5 with the Pathfinding feat) options out of the following events to go to:

You can either choose a listed location directly by clicking the corresponding sign or [Pick a random path].

Some Crossroads options will not give the chosen event's full range of options:

  • The Brothel, Ninja Temple, Pirate Ship, and Pyramid are entered automatically without the entrance being shown.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

Rupees is an event that had a possible outcome of reaching Crossroads, though this version of the Rupees event appears to have been removed.

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