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Cow is an item.

In-Game Description
Tooltip Click to choose a direction for your cow. Once released it will stampede 12-16 spaces in that direction each turn and crush players it runs over, causing them to skip a turn. Keeps running for 10 turns.

Alternatively, milk the cow by using a Bucket!

Object, Living, Animal Products, Meat
Uses 1 (release)/Unlimited (milk)
Cooldown 8

Usage[edit | edit source]

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • Choose one option:
  • Release the Cow either forwards or backwards 1 space away from you in the chosen direction and gain a Cow effect with movement set in the chosen direction.
  • Cow: During each of your next 10 Effects Phases, the Cow moves 12-16 spaces in the released direction, and any player within the moved spaces (but not the space the Cow begins each movement on) gains Skip-A-Turn. (During the 10th Effects Phase, the Cow leaves the game after moving.)

Inherent Effect Tooltip[edit | edit source]

Cow (Neutral Effect) Tooltip
Your Cow is on space X and is running backward/forward! It runs 12-16 spaces per turn, causing anyone she runs over to skip a turn.

Duration: Y Turns

NeutralEffect.png Neutral Effect

Event Use/Passive[edit | edit source]

  • Feed to the Starving Monster of the Archaeology Dig. Counts as 2 food items.
  • Feed to The Bear! in the Mellow Bear subevent.
  • Use against the Dune Beetles of the Dungeon Crawl.
  • Use against The Dragon.
  • Use against The Bear! and move 4(?) spaces forward.
  • Use at the Catapult event to launch the item 25-30 spaces in a given direction.
    • All players within a 5-space radius of the landing spot die, then the Cow continues moving 12-16 spaces in the launched direction during the launcher's next 10 Effects Phases, and any player within the moved spaces (but not the space the Cow begins each movement on) gains Skip-A-Turn.
  • Passively lose a non-Soulbound Cow in the Aliens! subevent in The Future to avoid gaining the Skip-A-Turn status. (You don't lose the Cow and still gain Skip-A-Turn if it is Soulbound.)

Other Item Use[edit | edit source]

  • Steal a Cow by targeting a player with one with a Tractor Beam; all players in-between the space of the user and the space of the target will gain Skip-A-Turn(, though any players on those exact spaces will not gain Skip-A-Turn). (A Soulbound Cow cannot be stolen in this manner.)
  • Use a Pocket Ball while on the same space as a released Cow to capture it and stop its movement.
  • Use Skinning Knife on a Cow to lose the Cow and gain Boots and the Sausage component of English Breakfast or to gain Gloves and the Sausage component of English Breakfast. There's a chance of getting PETA (No enchantments are kept.)
  • Use Evolution Stone on a Cow to have a chance to transform it into a Mooshroom.
  • Wanted Poster: Item

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