Coming Out Day!

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Coming Out Day! is a random event that can only occur during games made on Coming Out Day.

In the event, upon continuing, you randomly either go to Gandalf The Gay, reach More Love, More Lesbians! and gain a Box Of Chocolates, Cat, Chocolate Bar, Flask Of Mojo, Lovely Crystal, or Sex Bomb, or reach Headmaster Dumbledore and gain a Flowing Ring or Wizard Robes.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Upon encounter:

Coming Out Day!
Happy Coming Out Day, everyone! Today we celebrate that everyone's free to be themselves. Spread the love and make people around you feel free to be who they are on the inside.

Are you ready for some bonus gayness?
[Let's get gayyyyy]

Upon continuing and reaching More Love, More Lesbians!:

More Love, More Lesbians!

On Coming Out Day we celebrate all sexual preferences! You show your support to some kissing lesbians and they give you a sweet item!


Thank you! Keep being yourselves, ladies!

Upon continuing and reaching Headmaster Dumbledore:

Headmaster Dumbledore

"Yes, it is true. I'm gay and there's no denying it. They don't call me the "headmaster" for nothing, if you catch my drift."

You high five Dumbledore to let him know it's okay to be gay! As a little thank you, he gives you a sweet item!


[Thanks, Dumble-D!]