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Coldblooded is a trait shared by a few items. If you're looking for the Coldblooded Buff, see Coldblooded (effect).

"Inherently" Coldblooded items are:

Coldblooded appliers are:

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

  • If you have the Fire Debuff during your Effects Phase, your Coldblooded items' cooldowns are reduced by an extra 5 turns. (This does not apply if the Coldblooded item is Frozen.)
  • A Coldblooded item or skill will be Frozen for double the amount of turns as a normal item/skill.
  • Ancient Ice Crystal used on a Coldblooded item will add double what it would add to a non-Coldblooded item, essentially tripling the Frozen duration of the Coldblooded item.
  • A Frozen item which is "inherently" Coldblooded from its own effect will still gain double the turns of Frozen if it gains additional turns of Frozen, though a "Coldblooded applier" which is Coldblooded from its own effect won't.