Cocktail Shaker

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Cocktail Shaker is an item.

Cocktail Shaker
In-Game Description
Tooltip Discover 4 random Drinks and choose 2 of them to create a cocktail. Drink the cocktail to get both of their effects, also making you Drunk for 4 turns.
Object, Magnetic
Uses 1

Usage[edit | edit source]

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • You are shown 4 random drinks from the generic Drink item-givers pool. Choose 1 of the 4 drinks. Then, choose 1 of the other 3 drinks. Then, drink the 1st chosen item, then drink the 2nd chosen item, also gain 4 turns of the Drunk effect.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Choosing either drink counts as "using" the Shaker, but it does not consume a charge.
  • Drinking both drinks is done within a single "use".
  • Drinking Potion due to the Shaker does not result in gaining the Potion Neutral Effect, and it also is not equivalent to having a Random Drink. Instead, you drink from a pool including:
  • Aphrodisiac; lose 1 permanent Speed.
  • Crazy Juice; gain 3 turns of Crazy.
  • Holy Water; lose all of your Curses.
  • Liquid Luck; queue the Lucky! event. (Needs further investigation)
  • Mojo; gain 15 turns of Temporary Mojo.
  • Shift Elixir; switch spaces with a random other player.
  • Slow Poison; gain Slowing Poison for 2 turns.
  • Vodka; gain 4 turns of Drunk, also you move 10 spaces back (unless you became a Baratheon in Pick A House, in which case you move 10 spaces forward.)
  • Volatile Oil; die and gain 1 turn of Fire.
  • Water; does nothing (aside from the aforementioned drinking.)
  • Brewmaster has no interaction with any of the above possibilities.
  • Drinking Liquid Luck due to the Shaker (and not due to the Shaker's Potion) results in you gaining 3-5 Rupees and 2 turns of the Temporary Luck Buff rather than gaining the Liquid Luck Buff.
  • Drinking Turbulent Juice due to the Shaker results in you gaining 10 turns of Turbulent Speed Boost and 10 turns of Temporary Mojo. Also, you drink the Turbulent Juice once rather than 5 times.
  • Drinking Free Drink due to the Shaker does not Incapacitate you or have any effect other than you drinking.
  • According to the admin Dysprosium, the chosen drinks are technically created and put into a non-player inventory immediately before you drink them, but not before you choose to drink.

Other Item Use[edit | edit source]

  • ACME Magnet; In addition to attracting the Cocktail Shaker, it has a chance to Incapacitate you.

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Strategy[edit | edit source]

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