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Classy Combos is an event that can be reached with the Choose Class Combo Neutral Effect. It cannot simply be a random event.

In the event, you are shown 3 random combinations of 2 random classes that you don't currently have; you choose 1 of the 3 combinations, gaining those 2 classes.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It's possible for the combination of Class A and Class B to be a choice at the same time as the combination of Class B and Class A.
  • This event is prioritized over most other events.
  • The Objection! skill will fail to make a Forced End if it is used during this event. However, other effects (like from Pillow, Red Card, and Lost Memento) can force an end as normal; in such a case, the event can be revisited in the next turn if there was still a class combination that would've been gained since the Neutral Effect is kept until a class combination is gained (or until a solo class or Banana is gained if there are 1 or 0 obtainable classes left, respectively.)
  • Alchemist, Druid, Illusionist, and Necromancer can only appear in this event in Expert games.
  • Donor classes can normally only appear in this event if the amount of money donated collectively by the players in the game at the time Round 1 begins is sufficient. (The determinative amount won't change if players leave after this point.) The collective amounts required are:
  • All classes will appear in this event during Party Time regardless of the donated amount.
  • During Game Creation, players who have donated at least €20 can put restrictions on which classes will be available in this event.
  • If you already have all but 1 or 2 obtainable classes when this event is reached, it is replaced by Outclassed! in which you gain either that 1 or those 2 classes.
  • If you already have all obtainable classes when this event is reached, it is replaced by Not Classy Enough in which you gain a Banana.
Class Combo Names
Class A Class B Class Combo Name
-cubus Alchemist Arousing Alchemist
Assassin Seductive Slayer
Barbarian Hot Hulk
Bard Groupie Groping Guitarist
Druid(ess) Sexy Beast
Enchanter/Enchantress Charming Charmer
Illusionist Fantasy Flirter
Lawyer Cuddly Counselor
Merchant Sensual Salesman
Necromancer Boner Master
Paladin Sex Knight
Priest Priest of the Flesh
Quantum Physicist Fiend of Physics
Saboteur Randy Rebel
Sorcerer/Sorceress Sensual Sorcerer/Sorceress
Time Twister Gender Bender
Warlock Hot Hellfiend
Alchemist -cubus Alchemist Of Arousal
Assassin Concocting Killer
Barbarian Brewing Brute
Bard Intoxicating Entertainer
Druid(ess) Alchdruid
Enchanter/Enchantress Brewing Bewitcher
Illusionist Fermenting Phantasm
Lawyer Concocting Counselor
Merchant Potion Peddler
Necromancer Brewmaster of the Mausoleum
Paladin Drunken Knight
Priest Concocting Cleric
Quantum Physicist Alchemical Physicist
Saboteur Drunken Dissident
Sorcerer/Sorceress Master of Mystical Mixtures
Time Twister Liquor Twister
Warlock Drunken Demonologist
Assassin -cubus Sexy Ass
Alchemist Bloody Brewer
Barbarian Ruthless Ruffian
Bard Death Metal Murderer
Druid(ess) Assbearpig
Enchanter/Enchantress Asschanter
Illusionist Murderous Magician
Lawyer Killing Counselor
Merchant Deadly Dealer
Necromancer Undying Executioner
Paladin Killer Cavalier
Priest Liquidator of the Light
Quantum Physicist Ass Physicist
Saboteur Deadly Delinquent
Sorcerer/Sorceress Murderous Mystic
Time Twister Ass Twister
Warlock Deadly Demonologist
Barbarian -cubus Strapping Seducer
Alchemist Muscled Master of Mixtures
Assassin Strong Slayer
Bard Bardbarian
Druid(ess) Barbearian
Enchanter/Enchantress Chode Charmer
Illusionist Mighty Magician
Lawyer Able-bodied Advocate
Merchant Muscled Marketer
Necromancer Ripped Reaper
Paladin Brutish Banneret
Priest Heavyweight of Hallows
Quantum Physicist Physical Physicist
Saboteur Ripped Rebel
Sorcerer/Sorceress Battlemage
Time Twister Beefy Bender
Warlock Hulk of Hell
Bard -cubus Sex Symbol
Alchemist Music Mixer
Assassin Death Metal Murderer
Barbarian Bardbarian
Druid(ess) Songbird Of Shapeshifting
Enchanter/Enchantress Enchanting Chanter
Illusionist Idol Of Illusions
Lawyer Bardister
Merchant Musical Marketeer
Necromancer Dirge Performer Of Death
Paladin Guitar Hero
Priest Performer Of Holy Hymns
Quantum Physicist Singer Songwriter Of Science
Saboteur Rhythmic Rebel
Sorcerer/Sorceress Minstrel Of Magic
Time Twister Troubadour Of Time
Warlock Fanfare Fiend
Druid(ess) -cubus Forest Nymph
Alchemist Biochemist
Assassin Feral Rogue
Barbarian Bearbarian
Bard Shapeshifting Songbird
Enchanter/Enchantress Forest Charmer
Illusionist Forest Trickster
Lawyer Feral Defender
Merchant Wild Trader
Necromancer Beast Raiser
Paladin Beast Knight
Priest Forest Elder
Quantum Physicist Forest Physicist
Saboteur Forest Rascal
Sorcerer/Sorceress Wild Mage
Time Twister Root Bender
Warlock Beastlock
Enchanter/Enchantress -cubus Charming Charmer
Alchemist Spellbrewer
Assassin Spellbinding Slayer
Barbarian Bewitching Brute
Bard Enchanting Chanter
Druid(ess) Bewitching Beastshifter
Illusionist Bewitching Befuddler
Lawyer Bewitching Counselor
Merchant Charming Merchant
Necromancer Deathsinger
Paladin Glamorous Knight
Priest Enchanting Elder
Quantum Physicist Enchantum Physicist
Saboteur Enchanter of Errors
Sorcerer/Sorceress Musing Mystic
Time Twister Spellbinding Spellbender
Warlock Hymncaster of Hell
Illusionist -cubus Phantasmic Flirter
Alchemist Bubble Brewer
Assassin Mirage Murderer
Barbarian Hallucination Hulk
Bard Illusory Idol
Druid(ess) Phantasm Of The Forest
Enchanter/Enchantress Chimera Charmer
Lawyer Tricky Lawyer
Merchant Deceptive Dealer
Necromancer Deceptor Of Death
Paladin Tricky Templar
Priest Deceptor Of Divinity
Quantum Physicist Fantasy Physicist
Saboteur Deceptive Dissenter
Sorcerer/Sorceress Mirage Mage
Time Twister Tricky Twister
Warlock Deceptive Demonologist
Lawyer -cubus Counselor Of Cuddles
Alchemist Lawyer Of Liquids
Assassin Lawful Lyncher
Barbarian Lawbarian
Bard Bardister
Druid(ess) Lawyer Of The Wild
Enchanter/Enchantress Suing Spellsinger
Illusionist Defender Of Deception
Merchant Counseling Clerk
Necromancer Defender Of The Deceased
Paladin Lawful Knight
Priest Angel's Advocate
Quantum Physicist Physicist Of The Law
Saboteur Defending Delinquent
Sorcerer/Sorceress Counseling Conjuror
Time Twister Law Bender
Warlock Defender Of Demons
Merchant -cubus Sexy Salesman
Alchemist Clerk Of Concoctions
Assassin Marketing Murderer
Barbarian Business Brute
Bard Marketing Musician
Druid(ess) Trader Of The Thicket
Enchanter/Enchantress Trading Charmer
Illusionist Marketing Magician
Lawyer Dealing Defender
Necromancer Undertaker
Paladin Retailer Of Righteousness
Priest Retailing Reverend
Quantum Physicist Salesman Of Science
Saboteur Smuggler
Sorcerer/Sorceress Marketer Of Mysticality
Time Twister Price Bender
Warlock Devil Dealer
Necromancer -cubus Fatality Flirter
Alchemist Catacomb Chemist
Assassin Necrosassin
Barbarian Burial Brute
Bard Deathly Dirge Performer
Druid(ess) Soulkeeper Of The Wild
Enchanter/Enchantress Tomb Charmer
Illusionist Tomb Trickster
Lawyer Crypt Counselor
Merchant Bone Salesman
Paladin Death Knight
Priest Crypt Cleric
Quantum Physicist Necro Physicist
Saboteur Death Dissident
Sorcerer/Sorceress Soulkeeper Of Sorcery
Time Twister Tomb Twister
Warlock Dark Demonologist
Paladin -cubus Champion Of Sex
Alchemist Palchemist
Assassin Palassassin
Barbarian Hulking Hero
Bard Hero Of Heavy Metal
Druid(ess) Knight Of The Wild
Enchanter/Enchantress Champion Of Charms
Illusionist Hero Of Hallucinations
Lawyer Cavalier Counsel
Merchant Righteous Retailer
Necromancer Death Knight
Priest Righteous Reverend
Quantum Physicist Chivalrous Scientist
Saboteur Heroic Hooligan
Sorcerer/Sorceress Champion Of Sorcery
Time Twister Banner Bender
Warlock Hero Of Hell
Priest -cubus Sacred Seducer
Alchemist Celestial Chemist
Assassin Holy Hitman
Barbarian Blessed Brute
Bard Holy Hymn Performer
Druid(ess) Faithful Forest Keeper
Enchanter/Enchantress Chastizing Charmer
Illusionist Transcendent Trickster
Lawyer Angel's Advocate
Merchant Saintly Salesman
Necromancer Religious Reaper
Paladin Holy Paladin
Quantum Physicist Priestum Physicist
Saboteur Revered Rebel
Sorcerer/Sorceress Consecrated Caster
Time Twister Belief Bender
Warlock Devout Demonologist
Quantum Physicist -cubus Sexuologist
Alchemist Quantum Apothecary
Assassin Quantum Killer
Barbarian Quantum Brute
Bard Quantum Composer
Druid(ess) Unstable Beastshifter
Enchanter/Enchantress Quantum Charmer
Illusionist Quantum Magician
Lawyer Quantum Counselor
Merchant Quantum Trader
Necromancer Mad Scientist
Paladin Quantum Knight
Priest Quantum Cleric
Saboteur Rebel Of Relativity
Sorcerer/Sorceress Quantum Conjurer
Time Twister Quantum Twister
Warlock Quantum Summoner
Saboteur -cubus Agitator Of Attraction
Alchemist Dissident Of Draughts
Assassin Hooligan Of Homicide
Barbarian Hooligan Hulk
Bard Vandalizing Virtuoso
Druid(ess) Traitor Of The Trees
Enchanter/Enchantress Subversive Spellsinger
Illusionist Hooligan Of Hallucinations
Lawyer Delinquent Defender
Merchant Shady Dealer
Necromancer Rebellious Reaper
Paladin Defective Knight
Priest Dissident Of Divinity
Quantum Physicist Ruining Researcher
Sorcerer/Sorceress Saborer
Time Twister Dissenter Of Distortion
Warlock Destructive Demonologist
Sorcerer/Sorceress -cubus Sorcerous Sex Fiend
Alchemist Master Of Mystical Mixtures
Assassin Mystical Murderer
Barbarian Mystical Muscle
Bard Magical Minstrel
Druid(ess) Sorcerous Shapeshifter
Enchanter/Enchantress Sorcerous Charmer
Illusionist Telekinetic Trickster
Lawyer Conjuring Counselor
Merchant Mystical Marketer
Necromancer Sorcerous Soulkeeper
Paladin Mage Knight
Priest Mystic Of Morality
Quantum Physicist Quantum Mysticist
Saboteur Telekinetic Terrorist
Time Twister Spellbender
Warlock Conjuror Of Demons
Time Twister -cubus Timeless Sex Fiend
Alchemist Alchemist Of The Ages
Assassin Terminator
Barbarian Timebarian
Bard Temporal Troubadour
Druid(ess) Temporal Wildshifter
Enchanter/Enchantress Time Charmer
Illusionist Time Trickster
Lawyer Temporal Counselor
Merchant Time Share Salesman
Necromancer Untimely Twister
Paladin Time Knight
Priest Epoch Elder
Quantum Physicist Time Physicist
Saboteur Distorting Dissenter
Sorcerer/Sorceress Epoch Mage
Warlock Timeless Demonologist
Warlock -cubus Master Of Hell
Alchemist Demonologist Of Draughts
Assassin Fatality Fiend
Barbarian Warbarian
Bard Infernal Idol
Druid(ess) Demonic Shapeshifter
Enchanter/Enchantress Satanic Charmer
Illusionist Demonic Deceptor
Lawyer Warlawck
Merchant Devil Dealer
Necromancer Warlock Of Darkness
Paladin Demon Knight
Priest Demon Diviner
Quantum Physicist Demon Physicist
Saboteur Demonic Dissident
Sorcerer/Sorceress Warcerer
Time Twister Hell Twister

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Upon encounter with all but 1 or 2 obtainable classes:

You want to pick a class, but you only have one class left/2 classes left. Not much of a choice...

You receive the class combo: ComboName!/You become a Adjective ClassName.



Upon encounter with all obtainable classes:

Not Classy Enough
You want to pick a class, but there are no classes left. This pisses you off beyond belief! You take out your anger on Tarzan. You kick the monkey man in the nuts and take his Banana.


That'll teach him!