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There are a large variety of classes in BGO. Make sure to use them well in order to dominate your foes!

You can gain classes in the Class Choice and Classy Combos events and from Dys Action Figure and Dragon Balls. You also gain the Merchant class automatically if Wild Mode: Silly Sales is active.

  • Expert Mode Classes are only available in games where the host has set the Expert Mode on.
  • Donator Classes are only available in games where the players have donated the required amount in total.
Icon Class Description Expert Required donation (in euros)
Seduction.png -cubus Seduce your enemies and infect them with Sexually Transmitted Diseases! X mark.svg -
Concoct.png Alchemist Brew potions and turn items into cash! Yes check.svg -
Assassinate.png Assassin Sprint, kill, and sprint some more! X mark.svg -
Roar.png Barbarian Leap on top of your enemies and ROAR them away! X mark.svg -
ShapeshiftHuman.png Druid(ess) Switch between 4 animal forms and human form! Yes check.svg €15.00
Enchant.png Enchanter/Enchantress Enchant your items and cast a lot of spells! X mark.svg €17.50
GrandDisappearance.png Illusionist Trick your enemies until they die! Yes check.svg €5.00
Objection.png Lawyer Object to actions of your enemies and sue the heck out of them! X mark.svg €10.00
FairTrade.png Merchant Trade your items, visit shops and get rich! X mark.svg -
DrainSoulNew.png Necromancer Raise an army of the dead by draining souls! Yes check.svg -
HolyHammerSkill.png Paladin Smack your enemies with your Holy Hammer! X mark.svg -
Resurrect.png Priest(ess) Revive the dead, protect the living and remove magic! X mark.svg -
SchrodingersBox.png Quantum Physicist Constantly create random items and avoid death like no other! X mark.svg -
Sabotage.png Saboteur Sabotage your enemies and hinder them until they ragequit! X mark.svg -
Pyroblast.png Sorcerer/Sorceress Freeze your enemies, steal their items and blow them to pieces! X mark.svg -
LockTime.png Time Twister Change variables and bend space to make your enemies fight each other! X mark.svg €12.50
HarvestPower.png Warlock Collect skulls, command demons and unleash chaos upon your enemies! X mark.svg €20.00