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There are a large variety of classes in BGO. Make sure to use them well in order to dominate your foes! You gain classes in the Class Choice and Classy Combos events.

  • Expert Mode Classes are only available in games where the host has set the Expert Mode on.
  • Donator Classes are only available in games where the players have donated the required amount in total.
Icon Class Description Expert Required donation (in euros)
Seduction.png -cubus Seduce your enemies and infect them with Sexually Transmitted Diseases! X mark.svg -
Concoct.png Alchemist Brew potions and turn items into cash! Yes check.svg -
Assassinate.png Assassin Sprint, kill, and sprint some more! X mark.svg -
Roar.png Barbarian Leap on top of your enemies and ROAR them away! X mark.svg -
ShapeshiftHuman.png Druid(ess) Switch between 4 animal forms and human form! Yes check.svg €15.00
Enchant.png Enchanter/Enchantress Enchant your items and cast a lot of spells! X mark.svg €17.50
GrandDisappearance.png Illusionist Trick your enemies until they die! Yes check.svg €5.00
Objection.png Lawyer Object to actions of your enemies and sue the heck out of them! X mark.svg €10.00
FairTrade.png Merchant Trade your items, visit shops and get rich! X mark.svg -
DrainSoulNew.png Necromancer Raise an army of the dead by draining souls! Yes check.svg -
HolyHammerSkill.png Paladin Smack your enemies with your Holy Hammer! X mark.svg -
Resurrect.png Priest Revive the dead, protect the living and remove magic! X mark.svg -
SchrodingersBox.png Quantum Physicist Constantly create random items and avoid death like no other! X mark.svg -
Sabotage.png Saboteur Sabotage your enemies and hinder them until they ragequit! X mark.svg -
Pyroblast.png Sorcerer/Sorceress Freeze your enemies, steal their items and blow them to pieces! X mark.svg -
LockTime.png Time Twister Change variables and bend space to make your enemies fight each other! X mark.svg €12.50
HarvestPower.png Warlock Collect skulls, command demons and unleash chaos upon your enemies! X mark.svg €20.00