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Church is an event that can be reached with the Wildcard: Shops Neutral Effect from the Wildcard: Shops item's [The Church] option, the Relic item (with a 2 turn delayed queue), the Trade Routes event, the Travel event, the Going to: Event Neutral Effect from Scout The Area or Spyglass's [The Church] option, the Fork In The Road event, the Seal Of Disapprovalâ„¢ event, the [A card picturing a holy sanctuary.] option in Cards Of Fate, from Crossroads, from the Town you enter in the Middle Ages, from the Arcane Portal found in The Haunted Mansion's Cellar, or from the Ninjas Nunja subevent. It cannot simply be a random event.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]


You stand in front of a holy church. Do you wish to talk to the friar?

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

'Good day, my son. Rest your weary legs and lay down your arms for a moment. If it is a cleansing or blessing you wish... a few coins for charity and I will cure your soul.'
Blessing/Cleansing Price Description upon purchase
Heal Diseases 4 Rupees 'Let the sanctity of this place cure your diseases. Feel how the warmth of the light flows through your veins.'
Remove Curses 4 Rupees 'Our prayer has expelled all curses from you. May this be a blow to everything wicked and unholy in the world.'
Dispel Harmful Magic 8 Rupees 'Through the power of the flame we have rid you of all harmful magic, my son. May you stay pure for the remainder of your life and beyond.'
Auto-Resurrection 20 Rupees 'It is not your time yet, my son. This powerful protection spell will lock you to the mortal plane through the light's force.'
Holy Water 8 Rupees 'This Holy Water is capable of expelling curses from you.'
Wololo 10 Rupees "Let the power of your faith convert the unbelievers and soon you will shepherd your own flock of sheep towards the light."
Relic Gold Buff (for 5 Relics only per player) Relic Upon giving a 1st Relic: 'That is a beautiful Relic you have there. And in such fine condition! Thank you for bringing it to the Church, my son. We will reimburse you for your troubles.'
You now gain 1 Rupee every turn.

Upon giving a 2nd-5th Relic: 'Another Relic! You have my thanks. We will of course reimburse you for your troubles.'
You now gain X Rupees every turn.

Upon giving a 6th+ Relic: 'We really do have quite enough Relics. I'll give this one to charity. Thank you, my son!'
So... no extra Rupees? Damn the Church!

Insufficient funds quote
'Forgive me, my son. There are a lot of people to be healed and we're low on funds. May the light watch over you.'
Leaving quote
'May the light be with you, my son.'

Relic Gold[edit | edit source]

Relic Gold Tooltip
You gain Rupees every turn for bringing a Relic to the Church.

Category: Buff

Relic Gold: Gain 1 Rupee for each stack of this effect during each of your Effects Phases. You can have a max of 5 stacks of this Buff under the same Buff.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Wololo skill is only sold at this shop on Sunday.
  • You can't purchase an Auto-Resurrection Buff or Holy Water or Wololo skill if you already have one. However, the actions to remove Debuffs can be purchased even if they'd do nothing.
  • Unlike most shops, you can only purchase 1 thing before having to leave.
  • Giving a Relic to the Church requires you to "use" the Relic in the event.
  • You can give the Church 5 Relics, each netting you a stack of the Relic Gold Buff. Further Relics can be given, but no further stacks can be gained. (This 5 count is per player.)
  • Haggle Expert, Wild Mode: Silly Sales, and Hypnotic Influence count this event as a shop.

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