Choose An Item Phase

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The Choose An Item Phase occurs between the 2 "Class Choice Phase/Jukebox Phase->Resurrection Phase" loops.

All events involve choosing 1 out of 3 items shown to you. The 3 items shown are randomly chosen out of an item pool with ≥3 items. Other players can see items chosen on the page after choosing.

Each player has their own event queue, though the same event (with potentially different selections from the item same pool) is queued for all players at once; this appears to occur invisibly during Round Effects, and there is a large chance that no Choose An Item event will be queued during Round Effects. The event queues are delayed with a potentially different initial turn counter for each player, and such a turn counter ticks down during each of its connected player's Choose An Item Phases.

Players don't have Choose An Item event turn counters tick down during their skipped turns of if they are Dead (or Reincarnated?), and players never have a Choose An Item event taken from the queue while Dead or Reincarnated.

The event queue is typically checked on the visible page immediately preceding this phase, at the earliest the Effects Phase page. (If the visible page immediately preceding Choose An Item is before the Effects Phase, the event queue is checked on an invisible page immediately before the first visible (or invisible if there is no event) Choose An Item Phase page.)

It should be noted that it is possible to have multiple different events or even the same event queued multiple times due to not having an event taken from the queue for several turns in a row. In this case, each event in the queue with a turn counter of 0 will be gone to in the same phase with multiple queue checks being made.

Choose An Item Pools[edit | edit source]

  • The Scare and Curse Of Cold Spells aren't included in the above pool.
  • Light Scrolls: All Light Spells with 13 Rupees minimum Magic Shop price
  • Light Scrolls: All Light Spells with 12 Rupees maximum Magic Shop price
  • The above 3 pools assume no Haggle Expert Buff for the Shop price and refer to Wands' and Orb's prices rather than Staff's.