Charon The Ferryman

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Charon The Ferryman can only occur randomly as the first Resurrection Phase event after becoming Dead. (It also cannot occur for a player who has less than 3 turns left to revive with the death turn counter at the time immediately before a Resurrection Phase event is selected.)

In the event, you are offered a deal: You can pay a stated amount from 15-30 Rupees to move a stated amount forward from 5-15 spaces and instantly revive.

If you reject the deal or if you accept the deal but have insufficient Rupees, the death turn counter still ticks down by 1 turn due to this event.

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Charon The Ferryman

Your soul is stuck inside the lands of the dead. One river separates you from the lving: the Styx. Charon, the ferryman of the dead, is willing to sail you back... for a price.

Will you pay him X Rupees to move Y spaces forward and revive?

[It's a deal!][No thanks!]

You will revive automatically in 2 turns.

Crossing The Styx

Charon's cold hand shakes the X Rupees in his copper cup, as if measuring if you paid the full fare. You notice a short shimmer in his eyes as he turns around and climbs aboard his ferry.

Charon keeps his word and crosses the Styx with you, moving you Y spaces forward and reviving you.


The Ferryman's Fare
Unfortunately you don't have X rupees to spend. Your spirit lingers in the lands of the dead...


No Thanks
You don't accept Charon's offer. Your spirit lingers in the lands of the dead...


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