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Caduceus is an item. It is part of a group of items collectively referred to as Artifacts.

In-Game Description
Tooltip Passively grants Haggle Expert.

Sell an item to another player for the same price as the Pawn Shop. If that player doesn't have enough money, they'll pay you all their remaining Rupees for it.

Alternatively, target a player to see 4 random items from their inventory. You may choose to buy one of these items from them for 70% of their base price.

Flavor Text The famous staff of Hermes, messenger of the Greek Pantheon. He was, among many things, the god of trade. It was said that during negotiations, the eyes of Caduceus' snakes would glow, which would ensure a positive outcome...
Object, Unremovable, Soulbound, Fireproof, Frostproof
Uses Unlimited
Cooldown 4


Standard Use

  • Choose an option:
  • Choose one of your own items to sell to another player for its Pawn Shop price. If they don't have enough Rupees, you receive all of their remaining Rupees for it.
  • Choose another player to see 4 of their items. You can choose to buy one of them for 70% of their Standard shop price.

Passive Effect

How To Obtain