Buy Malaria Medicine

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Buy Malaria Medicine can be queued by the Malaria Debuff when it activates in an Effects Phase that started with it having 6 turns left (with a 1 turn delayed queue); can be unqueued by losing Malaria. It cannot simply be a random event.

In the event, you are asked if you want to pay 5 Rupees to cure your Malaria.

  • If you pay, you lose your Malaria Debuff.
  • If you try to pay while having less than 5 Rupees or if you refuse to pay, you simply leave the event.
  • Note that this event is prioritized over most other queued events.

(If you lose your Malaria before this event is taken from the queue, it is unqueued. If you lose your Malaria after this event is taken from the queue but before you actually reach the event page, this event is replaced by Cured Of Malaria, in which nothing happens.)

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Upon encounter while still having Malaria:

Buy Malaria Medicine
You visit a hospital because you got infected with Malaria. The doctor has some malarose pills that are guaranteed to cure you, but they cost 5 Rupees.

Do you want to buy the medicine?

Upon purchasing the pills:

You buy the malarose pills and start treating yourself. You're cured in no time!


Upon attempting to purchase the pills with insufficient funds:

Not Enough Rupees
You don't have enough Rupees to pay for the medicine! Ouch, that sucks!


Upon choosing to not purchase the pills:

No Medicine?
You don't want to buy any medicine? You must be very confident to overcome this disease yourself...


Upon encounter without having Malaria:

Cured Of Malaria
You made an appointment to go to the hospital for your Malaria, but you are already cured! Hurray!