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FAQ, for users who wish to contribute to the BGO Wiki.

Note: If none of these QnA's help you and you need further assistance please contact one of the following active members on the BGO website: konamijudge, SSkittle, and AzurHeart.

General edit

Question: Do I have to make an account to edit the wiki?
Answer: Not really, you don’t have to make an account. However, it’s preferable for you have an account as to know who you are on BGO, if you wish to discuss any changes happening on the wiki and to see who has make any changes to the wiki. Not to mention you will be unable to upload any BGO Files to the wiki if you do not have an account.

Question: There's gibberish, spam, etc. unrelated information to the BGO Wiki! What to I do?
Answer: If there is unrelated information such as a text or url on a page and you are able to edit and remove it. If there is a page and/or discussion page that has unrelated information you will not be able to delete it. Simply contact/PM konamijudge from the BGO website, include "BGO Wiki Issue" for the Subject, describe the problem in the Content area and if possible include the URL.

Question: How do I create a page for an event, item, effect, etc?
Answer: There’s a couple of ways to create a page.

If you go to the Search Bar and type an event, item, effect, etc. that’s not already on the wiki. (Make sure to Capitalize the first letter in every word.) Next look for the text that says, “Create the page “xxx” on this wiki! See also the search results found.” When you find it, you need to click on the red text to create the page.

Another way to create a page, is to click a red hyperlink on any page of the wiki and it will redirect you to create a page for it. For example, let’s say that a new item has been released on BGO and you want to add it to the wiki.

The first thing you want to do is go to the Items page, and when you get there click the “Edit” button. Next, add the item name in the appropriate Inventory Categories it belongs to. Then, highlight the item name and click the the Chain icon to link a page for it. Finally, save the edits you’ve made on the Item page and there you see a red hyperlink!

Question: How do I edit a page?
Answer: You can edit a page by either clicking the “Edit” or “Edit Source” button. It mostly depends, on which part of the page are you editing on. If you’re planning on adding, deleting or changing a piece of text use “Edit.” If you’re planning to edit a page with Boxes, Tooltips, etc. use “Edit Source.”

To go into future detail about “Edit Source”, it’s mostly used to create pages for new items, events, effects, etc.

For example, you want to create and edit a new page for an item. First, find an example from another item such as Hammer or Mining Pick. Go to their wiki pages and click on “Edit Source,” next copy the text up to “Standard Use,” then paste it on the page you are creating/editing. (Don’t worry if you don’t know how to code or understand it. We’ll go into detail in a different question.) Afterwards, you need to change the names, tooltip and it’s usage to the item you are creating for. Once you’re done, the next thing you need to do is add a subheadings for “How To Obtain,” “Strategy” and “Trivia.” If you don’t know what to add for those put “TBD.”

IMPORTANT: Before saving the page, make sure you click “Show Preview” to check if everything looks good and nothing funky is happening on the page. When everything looks good, then you can finally save.

(OPTIONAL: You can uncheck “Watch Page,” it’s used for receiving notifications to a page you’ve edited, marked, etc.)

Question: How do I upload and/or add images to a page?
Answer: On the left side of the wiki, click “Upload file.’ There you will be able to upload images from BGO to the wiki.

When uploading an image, be sure to rename the image name to what it is called and do not add any spaces between as well as capitalize the first letter of each word. Additionally, add the url of where you’ve found the image from in the Summary.

To add an image to a page, type in “| File = ImageName.png” in the Edit Source, next click Show Preview to check if it worked and finally click save.

Question: What does all of this gibberish and nonsense mean in Edit Source?!?!?!
Answer: What you are seeing is a code source for a page, each of those code have a different purpose on what they do. Here is a compiled list as to what the common codes we use on the wiki and how to use them.

HTML Tags:

IMPORTANT: Most HTML Tags require an opening and closing tag. An opening tag would start the markup of a text (i.e underline) and a closing tag would end it.

NOTE: Please delete the spaces between the tag and angle brackets for it to work.
Line break - < br > or < /br > or < br/ >
Underline - < u >< /u >
Comment - <!— Comment Text —>
Gallery - < gallery >< /gallery >

NOTE: Comments are only visible when editing and do not delete any comment you see unless stated otherwise.

HTML Variables:
Name - | name = Item Name
Image - | image = ItemName.png
Tooltip - | tooltip = Item Description
Inventory Category Object or Skill - | type = Object OR | type = Skill
Animal Products Category - | animalproducts = yes
Delicious Category - | delicious = yes
Drink Category - | drink = yes
Duplicate Category - | duplicate = yes
Ethereal Category - | ethereal = yes
Explosive Category - | explosive = yes
Fireproof Category - | fireproof = yes
Food Category - | food = yes
Frostproof - | frostproof = yes
Highly Flammable Category - | highlyflammable = yes
Jewelry Category - | jewelry = yes
Liquid Category - | category = yes
Living Category - | living = yes
Magnetic Category - | magnetic = yes
Meat Category - | meat = yes
Mechanical Category - | mechanical = yes
Passive Category - | passive = yes
Soulbound Category - | soulbound = yes
Sparkling Category - | sparkling = yes
Spell Category - | spell = yes
Spicy Category - | spicy = yes
Unremovable Category - | unremovable = yes

NOTE: When adding Categories to an Item, you only need to include what category it has. Example: Hammer’s source code has: | - type = Object | - magnetic = yes

Formatting: Bold - ‘ ’ ’Text’ ‘ ‘
Italic - ‘ ‘Text’ ‘
Bold & Italic - ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘Text’ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Section Heading 2 - ==Text==
Section Heading 3 - ===Text===
Section Heading 4 - ====Text====

NOTE: Section Heading 1 is the Page Name and as the Section Heading Numbers progressively becomes bigger they start getting smaller

Bulleted List:
Bulleted - * Text
Sub Bullered List - :* Text

Single - : Text
Double - :: Text

Link to Existing Page - [ [ ItemName ] ]
Link to Eternal Page (Have a space between the URL and text) - [ [ ExternalPageURL Text ] ]

NOTE: Delete the spaces between the brackets, URL and text for it to work.

Block of Space - { { clear } }
Info. Box for an Item: { { infobox } }
Tooltip Box for a Status:

{ | class="wikitable" style="text-align: left;

|- ! Tooltip Name |- | Tooltip Description
[ [ File:StatusIcon.png ] ] Category: StatusCategory’’’ |}

NOTE: Delete the spaces between the brackets, curly brackets and text for it to work.