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Blinded is an effect.

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • You cannot manually perform any in-game action that involves clicking for 8 seconds, also an animation with the word "DARKNESS" surrounded by black blocks vision of the screen for most of the 8 seconds. If it is your turn when the Blind starts, even if you don't have turn control, the action timer is extended by 8 seconds.
  • If Blinded while shooting at a player in Run, PlayerName! Run!, the event resolves with you missing the player and them moving back 3-5(?) spaces.
  • If you're Blinded while already Blinded, the 8 second animation of the 1st Blind is interrupted by the 8 second animation of the 2nd. (If it's your turn, the action timer is still extended by the full 16 seconds from 2 Blinds.)

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