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If you really like BGO, feel free to support it! If you do, you'll get these nice, shiny things called BG Coins! These coins can be used in game, or to purchase items/effects from the BG Shop!

Another way to earn BG Coins is through using the Recruit-A-Friend System and from BGO Newsletters (turn it on in your Account Settings).

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • AmIKawaiiUguu has designed Class Skins through the Kickstarter: Phantom Assassin, Chernobog, Cthulhu (and Cthulhu Arri's Fuck-up?), Devil Lawyer and Graffiti Artist.
  • To purchase Dice and Tombstone Backgrounds, you have to unlock a certain Power to do so.

Usables[edit | edit source]

These are special items you can buy for later use. When bought, the item will be added to your My Inventory page.

Image Description Price
Love Magnet - Using a Love Magnet grants you amazing, sexual powers! For a whole month, you will only encounter sexy guys and girls in the Dark Room event, depending on your sexuality! Ohhh yeah! 140 BG Coins
Message in a Bottle - Send out a message in a bottle! This message can be found by players in-game at the Beach event and stays active for a whole month! (Max 140 chars) 90 BG Coins
Name Change - Permanently change your account name. Any name you ever own by using a Name Change becomes permanently reserved by you, meaning no other user can claim that name but you. 500 BG Coins

Skins[edit | edit source]

Skins provide different looks for certain game elements. Once unlocked, you can admire them on your My Inventory page and select which one you want to use in your Account Settings.

Dice[edit | edit source]

Dice Description Price
Pirate Dice - These dice are filled with pirate booty! Unfortunately, these treasure chests are tightly locked! 250 BG Coins
Tribal Dice - Handcrafted by witch doctors, these dice always manage to land in the same position. The dots become visible after the dice have come to a full stop. 250 BG Coins
Poison Darts Dice - These jungle dice should be handled with care. Throw the dice and throw the magic poison darts while the dice are in mid-air. Fate will do the rest. 250 BG Coins
Ruby Crystal Dice - Ruby fills its owner with pride and fury. 250 BG Coins
Sapphire Crystal Dice - Sapphire radiates an aura of serenity. 250 BG Coins
Amethyst Crystal Dice - Amethyst makes energy run through its owner's veins. 250 BG Coins
Peridot Crystal Dice - Peridot creates a bridge between its owner and the spirits of nature. 250 BG Coins
Sunstone Crystal Dice - Sunstone clears the mists of doubt around its owner. 250 BG Coins
Dark Magic Dice - These dice have been enchanted with dark magic. 250 BG Coins
Light Magic Dice - These dice have been enchanted with light magic. 250 BG Coins
Strawberry Marshmallow Dice - Hmmmmmm, strawberry! The ultimate summer flavor! 250 BG Coins
Minty Marshmallow Dice - Sweet and slightly minty: ideal on a date! 250 BG Coins
Raspberry Marshmallow Dice - Delicious and 100% Fair Trade! 250 BG Coins
Shiny Bladed Dice - It takes some time to master throwing these, but it looks incredibly cool once you're skilled at it! 250 BG Coins
Rusty Bladed Dice - Bladed dice aren't dangerous enough for you? How about we add a chance of blood poisoning? Awesome! 250 BG Coins
Barbed Wire Dice - If "Reckless Danger" is your middle name, then these might be the dice for you! Now with 50 new ways to hurt yourself! 250 BG Coins
Second Generation Robotic Dice - These Second Generation Robotic Dice, or R2D2 for short, seem to have a mind of their own. Equipped with highly efficient digital displays, these dice are sure to impress anyone you encounter on earth or in galaxies far, far away! 250 BG Coins
TARDICE - There's only one man in the universe who carries a set of time traveling dice with him. You know who I mean! Get your own set of epic, animated dice! These dice fade in and out just like the TARDIS and even make the appropriate sound! Time to get wibbly wobbly, timey wimey! 400 BG Coins
Easter Dice - What better way to celebrate the Spring season than with delicious chocolate eggs hidden in the cool green grass? Smash these Easter eggs open on the ground and find out how many chocolates are inside! 250 BG Coins
Superhero Dice - These dice have been empowered by six amazing superheroes! Use these dice wisely, because with great power comes great responsibility! 250 BG Coins
Burning Dice - Don't you just hate when people take ages to roll their dice? These burning hot dice solve all your problems! Wanna hold on to these babies? Fine, burn your damn hands!

But hey... they do make you look hot!
250 BG Coins
Improbability Dice - Made from the core of an improbability drive, these dice thrive on chance! Whenever you have a Roll Streak they activate and grant every other player in your game a random dice skin for one turn! In addition, they are slightly animated and have funky art when you have a Roll Streak! The pinnacle of dicecraft! 750 BG Coins
Pride Dice - These rainbow-infused dice fill you with pride! The world is colorful, diverse and beautiful, just like you. You may murder your fellow players brutally, but at least your dice will show them you're full of love! <3 250 BG Coins
Virus Dice - Throw your virus-infested vials to see how many viruses pop up! There's little more satisfying than popping these brown, gooey assholes by clicking them relentlessly. 1000 BG Coins

Dice Collections[edit | edit source]

Dice Collections Description Price
Crystal Dice Collection - These dice are filled with pirate booty! Unfortunately, these treasure chests are tightly locked! 1000 BG Coins
Magic Crystal Dice Collection - Buy the Dark and Light Magic Crystal Dice for a reduced price! 400 BG Coins
Candy Dice Collection - Buy the Strawberry, Minty, and Raspberry Candy Dice for a reduced price! 600 BG Coins

Tombstones[edit | edit source]

Tombstone Description Price
Pirate Tombstone - So... y'arrrre sleeping with the fishies, landlubber? With this tombstone your corpse will be locked away like priceless treasure! Yahahaharrrrrr! 200 BG Coins
Tribal Tombstone - Powerful tribal shaman have created this tombstone. It has been blessed with the spirits of their ancestors, who will watch over your corpse. 200 BG Coins
Poison Darts Tombstone - "Ya can nevah be havin' enough of da voodoo or da poison, mon!" is a famous quote by Witch Doctor Hex'Zaku. In his vision, we've created this authentic Poison Darts tombstone. With poison darts. Because we can. 200 BG Coins
Ruby Crystal Tombstone - Even in death your grave shall radiate pride and fury. 200 BG Coins
Sapphire Crystal Tombstone - Sapphire grants the dead a tranquil transition into the afterlife. 200 BG Coins
Amethyst Crystal Tombstone - The Amethyst tombstone still crackles with energy! 200 BG Coins
Peridot Crystal Tombstone - The Peridot crystals in this tombstone align your soul with nature. Soon, you will be reborn! 200 BG Coins
Sunstone Crystal Tombstone - Even in these times of darkness, the Sunstone tombstone will safeguard your broken body. 200 BG Coins
Dark Magic Crystal Tombstone - This tombstone has been enchanted with dark magic. 200 BG Coins
Light Magic Crystal Tombstone - This tombstone has been enchanted with light magic. 200 BG Coins
Strawberry Marshmallow Tombstone - Who ever said death can't be delicious? This Strawberry tombstone will make anyone who comes to grieve your death leave the cemetary with a sweet taste in their mouth! 200 BG Coins
Minty Marsmallow Tombstone - Dead people have horribly bad breath. Luckily, this Minty tombstone will allow you to get a fresh start should you ever decide to crawl out from your grave! 200 BG Coins
Raspberry Marshmallow Tombstone - This fair trade Raspberry tombstone was made using only the freshest raspberries. Even in death you strive for a better world. 200 BG Coins
Shiny Bladed Tombstone - Shiny, indestructible, sharp. The Shiny Bladed tombstone is a proud and dangerous testament to the mighty warrior buried underneath. 200 BG Coins
Rusty Bladed Tombstone - Dangerous, indestructible, rusty. This tombstone is a safety hazard! 200 BG Coins
Barbed Wire Tombstone - Let me guess: you do not want visitors. This tombstone will keep people far away from your grave. 200 BG Coins
Blue Flower Tombstone - From your corpse has sprung an enormous Blue Flower. It has grown into the shape of a tombstone out of respect for her delicious food: you. 200 BG Coins
Purple Flower Tombstone - From your corpse has sprung an enormous Purple Flower. It has grown into the shape of a tombstone out of respect for her delicious food: you. 200 BG Coins
Holy Tombstone - This tombstone has been blessed by Paladins and Priests from all over Dystopia. It has been transformed into a holy beacon for all those who follow the light. 200 BG Coins
Unholy Tombstone - Necromancers and Warlocks from all over Dystopia have gathered to summon this tombstone. It broke through the earth's crust, straight from the endless void. Perfect for followers of the dark arts. 200 BG Coins
Mossy Tombstone - Created by a group of young Druids, this tombstone is a symbol of one's love for nature. Cold and soft to the touch, it provides the living with an ideal spot to take a nap on a hot summer day. 200 BG Coins
Tentacle Tombstone - Your death has the power to bring forth mighty tentacles from the void. It's unknown to what creature these tentacles belong, but nobody will want to mess with your grave when this Tentacle tombstone protects it! 200 BG Coins
BRB Tombstone - Death is nothing but a detour for you. A time to relax, sit back and enjoy the cold dirt and worms. No, siree! A little bit of death doesn't bother you. You make sure to let anyone who passes your grave know that you'll be right back! 200 BG Coins
Bear Butt Tombstone - So yeah, you died. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?! Okay, fine, so maybe you got crushed by a huge fluffy bear. Ah well... at least you used some pretty epic last words...

"It's so fluffy I'm gonna DIE!"
200 BG Coins
Lightsaber Tombstone - The Lightsaber tombstone serves as a memorial for all the fallen jedis. If you are a true master of the force and wish to battle against the dark side, then this is the tombstone for you! 200 BG Coins
Halloween Tombstone - It's that time of the year when tombstones are extra cool! And you know what? Tombstones are spooky enough simply the way they are. Take a look at our eerie Halloween tombstone and enjoy the season! 200 BG Coins
Xmas Tombstone - Okay, so you got yourself frozen to death somehow. Who cares when you look festive and cheerful? Happy xmas, adventurers!

NOTE: This tombstone has a nice animation where the lights cycle their colors!
300 BG Coins
Stark Wolf Tombstone - Noble, stalwart defenders of the north, the Stark family has the Direwolf as their House's symbol. Buried outside near the Godswood a stone wolf statue protects you, a testament to the Old Gods. 200 BG Coins
Baratheon Stag Tombstone - Hunting and drinking! You should be remembered for your deeds, not for your pretty words or your beautiful looks! As a real Baratheon, your tomb will be decorated with your hunting trophies! Let us have a feast in the next life! 200 BG Coins
Lannister Lion Tombstone - "Hear me roar!"

As a true Lannister, you died wealthy. A proud, roaring lion guards your tomb... and your money. Thieves will think twice before trying to rob your tomb, because a Lannister always pays his debt...
200 BG Coins
Targaryen Dragons Tombstone - Even though you died, a Targaryen is never left unguarded. Your three young dragons will never leave your side! 200 BG Coins
Sexy Angels Tombstone - A beautiful angel from the high heavens is guarding your dead body. She radiates peace and serenity as she waits for her hero to revive. 200 BG Coins
Sexy Succubus Tombstone - A seductive succubus from the pits of hell sits on your grave. People who pass your grave aren't exactly sure how you died, but they get a pretty good idea that your death has been a very pleasurable one! 200 BG Coins
My Little Tombstone - Everypony came to pay their respects when you died, because friendship meant everything to you. That and blowing innocent people to smithereens perhaps. Either way this is a pretty darn magical tombstone! Squee! <3 200 BG Coins
Skeleton Tombstone - You remember having one of these at school in the Biology classroom. You didn't actually think you'd end up being one... Ah well. Time to scare the fuck out of some kids! 200 BG Coins
Zombie Tombstone - They said you were dead. Gone for good. Problem solved. Well, they were WRONG! You will be back and everyone who ever wronged you will pay! Also, you have quite the craving for brains. 200 BG Coins
Television Tombstone - There's always something good on television! With 58 different GIFs your tombstone will be fun to look at every single time! Only the most awesome players have this tombstone. Are you one of them? 1000 BG Coins
Guarded Coffin Tombstone - As if it ain't bad enough that you died, people loot your corpse and knock you back! Time for everyone to fuck the hell off already! You've taken some severe measures this time!

This tombstone features some sweet animations and interactions!

This tombstone was designed by AmIKawaiiUguu, one of our most generous supporters!
1000 BG Coins
Virus Tombstone - A goddess of death sweeps over the lands, covering nations in slimey mucus. But soon, flowers will grow on these graves and the world will be more beautiful than ever. 600 BG Coins
Fallen Hero Tombstone - Gwyn Newguard guards your corpse. Formerly a Priestess of War, she has now ascended to godhood. Your corpse has to be something special, right?

Oh, and when you hover your mouse over her, her sword becomes all fiery! Wow!

This tombstone was designed by Revanfodne, one of our most generous supporters!
400 BG Coins
Onesie The Thermo Slayer - Onesie single-handedly slew whole battalions of thermal soldiers in the great Thermo Wars. His nudity is said to blind his enemies, while inspiring his own followers!

This tombstone was designed by Onesie, one of our most generous supporters!
400 BG Coins
Witcher's Grave - "Fuck." ~Geralt of Rivia 200 BG Coins
Sauron's Tower - "Concealed within his fortress, the lord of Mordor sees all. His gaze pierces cloud, shadow, earth, and flesh. You know of what I speak, Gandalf: a great Eye, lidless, wreathed in flame." ~Saruman the White 200 BG Coins
Tombstone Of Knight Ioannes - "In memory of the knight Ioannes, who devoted his life to serving Law and Honor. He was a sage and a prophet whose unconquered spirit is like a flame. Until the end of his days, he remained a brave fighter for justice and left us without saying goodbye." ~Elizaveta Sokolova 200 BG Coins

Tombstone Collections[edit | edit source]

Tombstone Collections Description Price
Crystal Tombstone Collection - Buy the Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Peridot and Sunstone Crystal Tombstones for a reduced price! 800 BG Coins
Magic Crystal Tombstone Collection - Buy the Dark and Light Magic Crystal Tombstones for a reduced price! 320 BG Coins
Candy Tombstone Collection - Buy the Strawberry, Minty, and Raspberry Candy Tombstones for a reduced price! 480 BG Coins
Got Tombstone Collection - Buy the Stark Wolf, Baratheon Stag, Lannister Lion and Targaryen Dragons Tombstones for a reduced price! 640 BG Coins

Class Skins[edit | edit source]

Alchemist[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Bartender 250 BG Coins
Candy Alchemist 250 BG Coins
Potion Class Teacher 250 BG Coins
Rainbow 250 BG Coins
Flapper 250 BG Coins

Assassin[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Shadow Stalker 250 BG Coins
Sexy Assassin 250 BG Coins
Gingerbread Ganker 250 BG Coins
Rainbow Murder Unicorn 250 BG Coins
Arse-sassin 250 BG Coins
Phantom Assassin 250 BG Coins

Barbarian[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Barbearian 250 BG Coins
Barbiebarian 250 BG Coins
Hulking Barbarian 250 BG Coins
Starbarian 250 BG Coins
Bear Girl 250 BG Coins

Bard[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Punk Bard 250 BG Coins
Pop Idol 250 BG Coins

Druid[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price

Feral Forest Nymph 250 BG Coins

Robo Druid 250 BG Coins

Enchanter[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Sword Swallower 250 BG Coins
Robo Enchanter 250 BG Coins

Illusionist[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Cosmic Magician 250 BG Coins
Sexy Showgirl 250 BG Coins

Lawyer[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Awesome Advocate 250 BG Coins
Devil's Advocate 250 BG Coins

Merchant[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Sales Strategist 250 BG Coins

Necromancer[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Soul Ripper 250 BG Coins
Soul Drinker 250 BG Coins

Paladin[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
America's Hope 250 BG Coins
Valkyrie 250 BG Coins
Robo Paladin 250 BG Coins

Priest[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Priest Of Raptor Jesus 250 BG Coins
Angelic Arri 250 BG Coins
Cthulhu (Arri's Fuck-up Version) 250 BG Coins
Cthulhu 250 BG Coins

Quantum Physicist[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Schrödinger's Cat Girl 250 BG Coins

Ranger[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Lynx Ranger 250 BG Coins
Robin Whore 250 BG Coins

Saboteur[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Mistress Of The Matrix 250 BG Coins
Graffiti Artist 250 BG Coins

Sorcerer[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Power Fist 250 BG Coins
Sparke 250 BG Coins

Succubus[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Extra Hot Succubus 250 BG Coins
Trickster Demon 250 BG Coins
Overlord Succubus 250 BG Coins

Time Twister[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Timeline Manipulator 250 BG Coins

Warlock[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Wicked Warlock 250 BG Coins
Chernobog 250 BG Coins

Wordsmith[edit | edit source]

Class Skin Name Price
Bloody Runesmith 250 BG Coins

Dice Backgrounds[edit | edit source]

Dice Background Name Price
Tribal Jungle 250 BG Coins
Oktoberfest 250 BG Coins
Halloween 250 BG Coins
Christmas 250 BG Coins

Tombstone Backgrounds[edit | edit source]

Tombstone Background Name Price
Tribal Jungle 250 BG Coins
Oktoberfest 250 BG Coins
Halloween 250 BG Coins
Christmas 250 BG Coins

Game Lines[edit | edit source]

Game Line Name Price
Spring Has Sprung 1000 BG Coins
Pirate Voyage 1000 BG Coins
Unicorn Rainbow Powers 1000 BG Coins
Medieval Journey 1000 BG Coins

Pawn Hats[edit | edit source]

Pawn Hat Name Price
Butterfly Wings 500 BG Coins
Gas Mask 200 BG Coins
Head Feathers 200 BG Coins
Paper Bag 200 BG Coins
Plunger 200 BG Coins
Propeller Hat 200 BG Coins
Traffic Cone 200 BG Coins
Turd 200 BG Coins
Cheese Hat 200 BG Coins
Chicken Hat 200 BG Coins
Green Slime 200 BG Coins
Hamburger Hat 200 BG Coins
Hotdog Hat 200 BG Coins
Icecream Hat 200 BG Coins
Cactus Hat 200 BG Coins
Dracula's Cape 500 BG Coins
Elephant Mask 200 BG Coins
Fish Bowl 200 BG Coins
Frog Hat 200 BG Coins
Lion Hat 200 BG Coins

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrades are permanent, passive benefits for your account.

Description Price
Bigger Friends / Foes List - Do you have more Friends or Foes than your lists can handle? For a handful of BG Coins you can create extra room! Each upgrade grants you +25 Max Friends and +25 Max Foes! The absolute maximum is currently 200. 100 BG Coins
Bigger PM Inbox / Outbox - Do you hate having to remove old PMs to prevent your inbox from overflowing? For just a few BG Coins you can expand your inbox and outbox! Each upgrade grants you +20 Max Inbox and +20 Max Outbox PMs! The absolute maximum is currently 400. 100 BG Coins
Bigger Profile Description - Want to pimp your profile with some extra pieces of ASCII art? Now's the time! Each upgrade grants you +1000 characters in your Profile Description! The absolute maximum is currently 10,000. 100 BG Coins