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Auction is a Global Effect.

There is an auction going on!

Global Effect

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • All players have 60 seconds to bid on a group of 2-5 items from the generic item-givers pool along with at least 1 Debuff out of up to 1 Curse from the generic Curse-givers pool and up to 1 Disease from the generic Disease-givers pool. (Note that 0 Rupees is an acceptable bid. Also, you can make a bid over your current amount of Rupees; if you win the auction without having more Rupees than your bid, you will lose every Rupee you have.)
  • The Auction Results occur in the first Round Effects after the end of the 60 seconds or after all players have bid; this results in the end of the Auction Global Effect. The player that can pay the highest amount of Rupees towards their own bid loses Rupees up to the bid they made, and they receive the item selection with the Debuff(s). (If the highest bid payout potential is a tie, the winner is decided randomly between the players which would be paying the most.) (If no-one made a bid, no-one gets the item selection or Debuff(s).)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The items and Debuff(s) are shown up-front in the bidding window; they're not randomly selected after bidding.
  • Note that, if Malaria is the gained Disease, the Round Effects in which it is gained doesn't count towards the Round counter for Buy Malaria Medicine's queue.

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