Alternate win conditions

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Alternate win conditions are ways to win a game without reaching the primary win condition for the Game Mode (or for the Wild Mode if it has a special win condition(s)) selected during game creation.

The alternate win conditions are:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Like a standard win condition, you win when a turn ends (or in-between Round Effects and a turn) after meeting a condition. Unlike the primary win condition for a Classic or Sprint game, you cannot lose any alternate win conditions; supposing you cannot currently win the game due to something like Denied, you'll retain the condition for later application without possibility of losing it.
  • In a Total Spaces game, meeting one of these conditions doesn't actually result in reaching a win condition. Instead, meeting one sends you 100 spaces forward, then the game ends if possible when a turn ends (or in-between Round Effects and a turn).
  • In a Sprint game, you do not have to be the leading player to win with an alternate win condition.
  • In an All For One game, any other teammates you have still have to meet their own win conditions for your team to win.