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"Brew potions and turn items into cash!"
— Former Specialized Adventuring! Description

Alchemist is a class. It is only available during Expert Mode games.

Passive[edit | edit source]

Brewmaster[edit | edit source]

You are a true Brewmaster. You know all there is to know about potions, elixirs and oils.

If the Class Talent is active: Whenever you drink something, a random skill cooldown will tick down 3 turns.

Buff.png Category: Buff

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • You aren't affected by the Aphrodisiac, Piss, or Vodka subevents aside from being treated as drinking.
  • If you're a -cubus, you're still affected by Aphrodisiac.
  • If you're a Baratheon, you're still affected by Vodka.
  • You don't die or gain Fire from the Volatile Oil subevent, though you do gain Skip-A-Turn (unless you have Fire Immunity.)
  • You can choose whether or not you drink and become affected normally in the Shift Elixir subevent.
  • If the Class Talent is active: Whenever you drink something, a random skill in your inventory will have its cooldown lowered by 3.
Notes[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Concoct[edit | edit source]

In-Game Description
Tooltip Concoct one of 4 randomly chosen liquids.

You can use Broken Glass to reduce the cooldown of this skill by 3 and increase the number of options to 6.

If the Class Talent is active: Also infects players within 10 spaces of you with Nauseating Poison for 3 turns, making them Silenced and Unable To Eat Or Drink.

Uses Unlimited
Cooldown 6
Other appearances
Former Concoct artwork
Candy Chemist
Potions Class Teacher

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • 4 random items are shown from the generic Liquid item-givers pool. You choose 1 of the 4 items to concoct and receive it, and this skill's Standard Use is fully reset.
  • This use is available even if Concoct is on cooldown, and it does not put Concoct on cooldown: Use your Broken Glass to lower Concoct's cooldown by 3 and, if you have not already done so since you last used the above use of Concoct, add 2 extra items from the same pool to your choices for your next use of the above Standard Use of Concoct.
  • If the Class Talent is active: When you concoct a Liquid with this skill, all other players within a 10-space radius of you gain Nauseating Poison for 3 turns.

Inherent Effect Tooltip[edit | edit source]

Nauseating Poison Tooltip
You feel like you need to puke any moment and you are Silenced and Unable To Eat Or Drink.

Duration: X turn(s)

Debuff.png Category: Debuff, Poison

Transmute[edit | edit source]

In-Game Description
Tooltip Turn 1 item of your choice into 4-7 Rupees.

If the Class Talent is active: Reduces the cost of your next Alchemize by 3 Rupees. This cost reduction stacks. Cooldown reduced to 2 turns.

Flavor Text When alchemists die, they barium.
Uses Unlimited
Cooldown 3
Other appearances
Former Transmute artwork
Candy Chemist
Potions Class Teacher

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • Choose an item you have. It is removed from the game, also you gain 4-7 Rupees.
  • If the Class Talent is active: Each time you Transmute an item, the cost of your next Alchemize Standard Use is reduced by 3 Rupees, down to a possibility of 0 Rupees.

Related Items[edit | edit source]

Alchemize[edit | edit source]

In-Game Description
Tooltip Spend 8 Rupees to create a random item.

If the Class Talent is active: Items created by Alchemize are Fireproof and Frostproof. Cooldown reduced to 4 turns.

Uses Unlimited
Cooldown 8
Other appearances
Candy Chemist
Potions Class Teacher

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • Pay 8 Rupees to gain a random item from the generic item-givers pool. (If you have less than 8 Rupees, nothing occurs besides this skill going on cooldown.)
  • If the Class Talent is active, this skill's cooldown upon Standard Use is changed to be 4, and all items you create with this skill have the Fireproof and Frostproof enchantments.

Secret Item Interaction[edit | edit source]

This is one of the secrets of BGO.

Using a Bubbling Cauldron resets the cooldown of your Concoct skill.

Playstyle[edit | edit source]

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Brewmaster makes going onto The Pirate Ship and drinking Potions much more viable.
  • Concoct and Alchemize can create many items that are rarely accessible otherwise.
  • If you get a bad item selection with Concoct, it can generate an item and break it with a Hammer to partially reset its own cooldown with extra options.
  • Transmute can dispose of junk items like Jinxed Jewel Of Encumberment.
  • The Dehydration Debuff can be removed safely by drinking many Concoctable items; this is particularly important during Summer.
  • The Archaeology Dig's Bearded Phantom is typically difficult to beat. Holy Water is one of the few ways to do so.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Alchemist lacks movement-based Skills.
  • Other players cannot be affected directly by Alchemist Skills.
  • Concoct can be quite inconsistent; while some strong items are common, many of the common items are weak. Even if you get strong items, uncertainty about being able to get them beforehand inhibits your ability to plan around them.
  • Alchemize has a fairly high cost for something so random.
  • The Detonation spell is a threat that deters keeping a Holy Hand Grenade or Sex Bomb on hand.
  • Plunger and Warlock's Libido Fiend can prevent drinking.
  • Saboteurs and Quantum Physicists can deliberately mess with your Hammer to prevent you from "rerolling" with Concoct or mess with your Bucket to prevent milking Cow/Goat or mess with your Cow itself (though Concoct can produce defenses against Saboteur.) ACME Magnet and Magneto Gloves can be used similarly for Hammer Bucket.
  • Your Cow can be stolen with Tractor Beam or messed with by a number of Living specific items like Lure Whistle, such that you cannot milk it.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Choosing female as your gender allows you to have a Random Drink when you talk to the bartender in The Saloon in The Wild West.
  • Consider choosing the Vine in The Jungle for a Random Drink with Tarzan or boarding The Pirate Ship for a Random Drink with the Captain.
  • You can buy items that cost less than 4 Rupees and then Transmute them for a profit. Alternatively, you can use Transmute whenever you get a weak item from Alchemize for a partial refund.
  • One way to move a significant amount of spaces is to obtain a Hand Grenade through purchasing it at the ACME Shop or Ivan's Weapons Van or using the Weaponize spell, then combine it with Holy Water or Flask Of Mojo from the Concoct Skill to create a Holy Hand Grenade or Sex Bomb. A player may even store a Holy Hand Grenade, a Sex Bomb, a Hand Grenade, Holy Water, multiple sources of the Weaponize spell, and an uncharged ACME Pogo Stick in their inventory, then wait for their turn to start, queue the ACME Shop with a Wildcard: Shops, and use the stockpile besides the Sex Bomb for movement, Transmute the ACME Pogo Stick, enter the shop and get another spaces boost, then get a final boost from the Sex Bomb for an overwhelmingly large amount of spaces moved in one turn. Utilizing Concoct's cooldown reduction with Broken Glass can be particularly helpful for making more Holy Water and Flask Of Mojo. (Note that this stockpile and the player will be extremely vulnerable to the Detonation spell, and this is a highly idealized version of the stockpile.)
  • Use a Holy Hand Grenade when you are close to and in front of multiple players to knock them back or kill them while propelling yourself forward.
  • Use a Sex Bomb when you have the Pacman Skill and Incapacitation Immunity or Iron Helmet to eat many players at once while they are unable to react. (This also works well if the Sex Bomb is used during the turn of the player immediately preceding you after placing Pacman on cooldown to ensure the ability to act in your skipped turn's Effect Phase while others are still incapacitated.)
  • Volatile Oil has a fair amount of Item Recipe options, such as with a Hammer to make a Torch or with a Potato to make Hot Potato/French Fries. It's also useful when instant suicides would be beneficial -- for example, when at The Haunted Mansion's Graveyard. In particular, Volatile Oil can be used alongside Liquid Nitrogen for the creation of an Arctic Aegis and/or a Frostfire Figurine to prevent your items from burning; this, along with various Volatile Oil recipes and Volatile Oil itself, has strong synergy with Scarf Of The Serpent. Liquid Nitrogen can also be used for Frigid Fairy (esp. for use alongside Figurine and Scarf.) Gasoline and Bottle Of Antifreeze can also be used with Aegis in place of Frostfire Figurine, though this is more vulnerable upon death.
  • Liquid Luck from the Concoct Skill can be used at The Dragon to gain Rupees, move spaces forward, or put the dragon to sleep. It can also be used to move a few spaces forward and avoid running backwards at the The Bear!
  • Truth Serum can be combined with Boots to make Freudian Slippers or to succeed in any trivia event.
  • Turbulent Juice can be used to get up to 25 Rupees from the Pawn Shop.
  • Potent Pixie Potion can be powerful with Blink, Cards Of Fate, Empowered Dice, Wealth, Scales Of Justice, Disarm, Liquidize, sometimes Spellsteal, and sometimes Laser.
  • If a lot of players are clumped fairly close together, Guinness can be used alongside Sex Bomb and a Fish to spam melee hits, extending your Drunk effect and ensuring The Black Stuff doesn't wear off for a fairly long time. If you additionally have the Brewmaster Talent, you will be able to reset some skill cooldowns.
  • The Cowboy Shop in The Wild West sells Hammer and sells Potion; these can be used in a Recipe for Broken Glass to reduce Concoct's cooldown. The shop also sells Bucket which can be used along with a Cow from The Market to periodically gain a Glass Of Milk, which can similarly be used in a Recipe to gain Broken Glass.
  • Potion can also simply be drunk.
  • It should be noted that a Cow on cooldown due to being milked can still be skinned with a Skinning Knife for Boots & Sausage; the Boots can be particularly important for making use of ACME Rocket at The ACME Shop (in a Recipe for Rocket Boots) without needing to counter death.
  • Goat doesn't have a reliable source, though be on the lookout for one since it can also be milked.
  • If you get a Goldfish from fishing at the Lolrus, Transmute it when no enemies are within 30 spaces of you to give yourself (and any teammates in range) 50-100 Rupees (instead of the 30 for just yourself from the Pawn Shop.)
  • If the Adventure Time reference event is chosen, you can attempt the Dungeon Crawl; Holy Water is useful against the Ghost, Truth Serum is useful against the (Demon) Sphinx (and with Slippers against the Incoming Monster), Free Drink is useful against the Party Bear, Volatile Oil can be used in an item recipe or along with a death blocker to beat the Dark Passage or used in an item recipe to harm the Dune Guard, and various Concoctable items can be useful against the Dune Beetles. However, non-Alchemists who get a Black Dragon Egg in very long games will have easier access to Volatile Oil.
  • If the Dr. Who reference event is chosen, non-Alchemists will have easier access to Holy Water from the Church, which is one of Alchemist's more valuable creations.
  • If the Board Game Of Thrones reference event is chosen, you can become a Targaryen to have regular access to The Dragon for use with Liquid Luck and for even more Volatile Oil, become a Lannister for Rupees and access to The Brothel for synergy with Flask Of Mojo, or become a Baratheon for a Hammer, synergy with Guinness, Potion's Vodka/Beer, Beer, & Oktoberfest Drinks, and access to Inside The Cave which has synergy with various Concoctable items. However, non-Alchemists who become Targaryens will have easier access to Volatile Oil, which is one of Alchemist's "more exclusive" valuable creations in decently long games; the only other class with easy access is Warlock.
  • The Philosopher's Stone and The Nanteos Cup have strong synergy with Concoct.
  • Concoct and Hammer have an effectively infinite loop with Black Lotus that allows for constant resetting of Concoct's cooldown with 6 options each time; Energy Drink in particular can continue the loop while also having external positive effects. The Brewmaster Talent can speed up the loop (albeit with only 4 options per Concoct use) while allowing drinking for each Concoct use; this is particularly strong if you drink Chocolate Milk/Cocaine Cola/(Super) Coffee/Ambrosia/Gaulish Magic Potion.

Dual-Class Synergies[edit | edit source]

-cubus[edit | edit source]

  • Brewmaster and Sexual Immunity synergize well together for Random Drink; -cubus gets 1 Speed from Aphrodisiac, while Brewmaster covers the rest of the negative outcomes. Random Drink also coincidentally appears on The Pirate Ship, increasing the value of the event at the same time its value is boosted by -cubus's tools.
  • Sex Bomb synergizes well with -cubus by spreading STDs.
  • Transmute can dispose of junk items like Jinxed Jewel Of Encumberment, covering one of -cubus's weaknesses.
  • After gaining Skip-A-Turn from Holy Hand Grenade, you can kill yourself with ACME Rocket/Volatile Oil and revive yourself if you have Revive from The Magic Shop to avoid skipping a turn. If used with Ethereal Gloves while Dead, Holy Hand Grenade never has to give you Skip-A-Turn in the first place, and ACME Rocket won't kill you.
  • It should be noted that Mojo by itself has adequate rewards from The Brothel without Sexual Immunity, and when the 2 effects are combined, it appears that the chance to find Cocaine in The Brothel is bizarrely removed, so it is advised not to mix these 2 effects.

Barbarian[edit | edit source]

  • Alchemist's Holy Hand Grenade and Sex Bomb have synergy with Stamina and Break Free.
  • Transmute can dispose of junk items like Jinxed Jewel Of Encumberment, covering one of Barbarian's weaknesses.

Illusionist[edit | edit source]

  • With Magic Hat, an Alchemist's ability to move a large amount of spaces at once can be amplified. You can store Holy Hand Grenades, Sex Bombs, Hand Grenades, ACME Rockets, and Explosive Sheeps in your Magic Hat so that they are safe from the Detonation spell and so that you can have more than 1 of the same Explosive at once (without requiring Duplicates.) You can take 2 items out of the Hat in the same turn (1 before the Effects Phase and 1 after) even without the Hat Talent, and with the Hat Talent you can store 5 and retrieve 5 all in the same turn.
  • On Saturday, if you are using several Spanners (with Magic Hat) along with a Pogo-Stick, a Saboteur can really mess you up by Freezing your Pogo-Stick repeatedly. Antifreeze and Oil from Concoct can help remedy this.
  • Magic Hat can protect your Hammer from Quantum Physicists and Saboteurs as well as ACME Magnet and Magneto Gloves.
  • Transmute can dispose of junk items like Jinxed Jewel Of Encumberment, potentially freeing up a Magic Hat slot(s).
  • Hallucination can protect your Arctic Aegis from Jackhammer and Chainsaw.
  • Magic Hat can protect Aegis even from Artifacts.

Merchant[edit | edit source]

Necromancer[edit | edit source]

  • Holy Hand Grenade and Sex Bomb can be utilized for killing/setting up kills for SP.
  • After gaining Skip-A-Turn from Holy Hand Grenade, you can kill yourself with ACME Rocket/Volatile Oil (gaining 1 SP) and revive yourself if you have Revive from The Magic Shop to avoid skipping a turn. If used with Ethereal Gloves while Dead, Holy Hand Grenade never has to give you Skip-A-Turn in the first place, and ACME Rocket won't kill you.
  • Perverted Corpse can be utilized for spreading Diseases with Sex Bomb (with your Cleansing Spirit removing your own Diseases if you affect yourself.)
  • Transmute can dispose of junk items like Jinxed Jewel Of Encumberment, covering one of Necromancer's weaknesses.

Ranger[edit | edit source]

  • Supposing you gain a Cow (or Goat) AFTER becoming a Ranger (potentially through use of a non-player inventory), it will become Soulbound, such that Tractor Beam, Lure Whistle, etc. cannot steal it. Additionally, Pack Leader can be used to reduce the cooldown of Cow (or Goat); this makes milk production for Broken Glass both faster and more secure.
  • Tracking's Crossroads grants more opportunities to visit The Wild West for The Cowboy Shop, where you can get a Hammer, Potion, and Bucket for Broken Glass production. It also grants more opportunities for The Brothel, for use with Flask Of Mojo.
  • Tracking's Crossroads grants more opportunities for visiting The Engineering Shop and The ACME Shop, relevant for Hammer/Sheep/Hand Grenade/Pogo Stick and Transmute fodder. And it grants access to The Magic Shop for use with Potent Pixie Potion. And it grants access to the Pawn Shop for gaining Rupees with Turbulent Juice.
  • Feign Death can remove the Skip-A-Turn from a Holy Hand Grenade.
  • Transmute can dispose of junk items like Jinxed Jewel Of Encumberment, covering one of Ranger's weaknesses.