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If you're looking for the flavor text for the events in which you learn the feats from the purchased courses, see Academy Courses (flavor text).

The Academy Of Adventure is an event that can be reached from the [A card picturing a hidden university.] option in Cards Of Fate, the talented Trade Routes event, the Going to: Event Neutral Effect from Scout The Area or Spyglass's [The Academy Of Adventure] option, the Eye Of The Graeae event, the Fork In The Road event, the Khufu's Journey event, the Seal Of Disapproval™ event, or from Crossroads. It can also simply be a random event.

Shop Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Academy Of Adventure

You walk across a wide campus. Students sit on the grass, studying, enjoying the sun. Ahhhh, it's the Academy... of Adventure!

Do you wish to check out the available courses?

Shop Interface[edit | edit source]

Available Courses
You check out a list of courses that's pinned to the wall:


So... anything you like? Taking a course takes up your next turn and then permanently teaches you a new feat.

Course Price Description
Bear Behavior 2 Rupees Learn all there is to know about bears. With your awesome new bear knowledge, you'll flee 75% less spaces when the Bear chases you backwards.
Bounty Hunting 2 Rupees Learn about the honorable profession of bounty hunting! You will gain 3 Rupees whenever you kill someone.
Druggy 2 Rupees Become a professional drug user. You don't receive negative effects from drugs and will receive the Blaze It buff from smoking Weed, causing your next roll to be high.
Firearms Specialist 2 Rupees Learn a thing or two about handling guns. Your kill chance when you shoot someone with the Gun is increased by a fair bit.
Fisherman 2 Rupees Become a true Fisherman to catch all those rare fish! Increases your chance to catch a rare fish by 20%.
Grenadier 2 Rupees Become a true Grenadier and blast your foes to tiny bits! Increases your range with grenades by 30 spaces. Affected items are: Hand Grenade, Holy Hand Grenade, Combustible Lemon and Sex Bomb.
Haggle Expert 2 Rupees Haggle your way out of high shop prices. You pay 1 Rupee less for most items and spells in most shops.
Human Aerodynamics 2 Rupees Do you like to launch yourself with Catapults? Excellent! Learn how to reliably become a human bullet! With this expertise you'll have a 70% better survival chance when you launch yourself with the Catapult!
Pathfinding 3 Rupees Learn the ways of the pathfinder and discover paths where others can't see them. You will always discover a 5th option at the Crossroads event.
Shield Mastery 2 Rupees Improve your Shield. Your Shield will work against Hammers and Torches and additionally remove the Speed penalty from raising an upgraded Shield!
Spare Time Efficiency 2 Rupees Got spare time? Why not use it to make some investments? Learn how to make 3 Rupees whenever you skip a turn!
Spell Deflecting 3 Rupees Getting harrassed by magic spells? Follow this course by Dumbledore himself to learn how best to deflect those nasty spells! You will have a 25% chance to deflect any direct harmful spell that's thrown your way.
Spelunking 4 Rupees A true cave explorer knows all about spelunking. You always find 5 options when you enter the Cave! In addition, you have permanent vision in the Cave, the Dungeon Crawl and the Archaeology Dig!
Tinkering Quietly 1 Rupee Learn how to tinker in silence. You will no longer cause logs in the chat when you place a Glue Mine, Teleporter or TNT and when you release an Explosive Sheep.
Trivia Expertise 1 Rupee Get your head pumped full of silly trivia! Whenever you get a Trivia question, one bad answer will automatically be striked through.
Generic post-purchase quote
You have subscribed to the X course. You'll spend your next turn studying and doing exams.
Insufficient funds quote
It would seem that you are too poor to subscribe to that course. Alas... this knowledge must remain hidden.
Death quote
You seem to have died somehow. The campus groundskeeper drags your body off into his hut. Hmmmm... okay.
Leaving quote
Before seeing courses: Are you scared of some adventure?
After seeing courses: You leave the academy.

Effect Tooltip[edit | edit source]

Academy Course Tooltip
You're studying for a course at the Academy Of Adventure.

Neutral Effect, Category: Go to event

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Only 1 course can be purchased per visit. Upon purchase, you gain the Academy Course effect connected to a queue for an event in which you gain the Learnable Feat corresponding to the bought course.
  • If you purchase the Haggle Expert course, you will gain also 1 Rupee in its course event.
  • Only 3 courses (or less if you have >12 of the feats) are available for purchase per visit; if you already have a Learnable Feat, it won't show up as a course option for you.
  • If you have Spell Deflecting due to an item's passive effect, it still won't show up as a course option.
  • If you subscribe to the Spell Deflecting course and then gain an item which passively grants Spell Deflecting before the course, you'll still learn it from the course; if you later lose said item, you retain the feat.
  • The available courses shown on one visit won't be carried over to future visits; you'll get a new random selection from the course pool.
  • This event is formatted somewhat like a shop but doesn't have course prices affected by the Haggle Expert feat and does not count as a shop for Hypnotic Influence. It does, however, have prices affected by Wild Mode: Silly Sales.

The Academy Of Adventure Flavor Texts[edit | edit source]

The Academy Of Adventure (flavor text)‎

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