Seasonal Event

Seasonal Events are special game settings that coincide with the calendar. If you have at least 20 BG Coins, you can activate any Seasonal Event at any time through Game Creation.

Seasonal EventsEdit

New Year's DayEdit

January 1

Inverted Color DayEdit

February 2

Enjoy the lovely horror that is color inversion!

  • All players have a filter over their screen which inverts colors. (The filter can be disabled under Elements with F12 in Chrome.)

Valentine's WeekEdit

February 9 to 15

Share the love and propose to that special someone!

Pi DayEdit

March 14

As much pi as you can eat!

Saint Patrick's WeekEdit

March 15 to 19

Chase Leprechauns, collect Lucky Charms and claim your very own Pot O' Gold!

International Day Of HappinessEdit

March 20

The United Nations grant everyone a Happy Crystal!

April FoolsEdit

April 1

Get fooled by a few special events that only come once a year!


April 3 to 16

The Easter Bunny visits BGO and causes some seasonal madness!

Board Game Online BirthdayEdit

April 4

Celebrate Board Game Online's birthday with hookers and cake!

Weed DayEdit

April 20

Smoke weed every day... especially on Weed Day!

Star Wars DayEdit

May 4

May the 4th be with you!

Towel DayEdit

May 25

Don't forget to bring a towel!

World Camel DayEdit

June 22

Ride your very own camel through the desert and pay your respects to this majestic animal!


July & August

Visit the beach and enjoy the summer heat!

Comic Sans DayEdit

July 4

Comic sans is such a special font, it has its own day to celebrate its existence.

  • All text in the game will be in the Comic Sans font.

Talk Like A Pirate DayEdit

September 19

Everyone talks like a pirate! Yarrrrr!

  • When you talk in the chat, your message can be altered. "Shiver me timbers!" can appear at the beginning of your messages. "Arrrr, matey!" or "Yarrrrr!" can appear at the end of your messages.

Peace DayEdit

September 21

Everyone gets a permanent 'No.' skill and the United Nations are kind all day long.

  • All players start the game with a permanent "No." skill.
  • A random player starts the game with a Peace Dove.
  • The Happy Peace Day! random event can occur.
  • In The United Nations event, the turn player is not ordered to move back; instead, they move 20 spaces forward.


September 24 to October 7

Beer, yodeling and busty women! What's not to love?

World Animal DayEdit

October 4

Be kind to animals this day! Players have an increased chance to reincarnate as an animal.

Coming Out DayEdit

October 11

This day is dedicated to coming out!


October 18 to 31

Visit the Haunted Mansion and solve the mystery of the Baron's tragic death! You have 2 weeks to figure out how to gather all the clues needed to solve the case and help the poor Baron come to terms with his death. Also, you get a free Dark Wand with the Scare spell! Booooooooohhhhh!


October 22

Enjoy Board Game Online as you've never enjoyed it before. CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL!

  • All text in the game will be capitalized.


November 17 to 30

Catch a delicious Turkey and make some delightful "Gobble gobble!" noises! Happy Thanksgiving!

World Toilet DayEdit

November 19

It's World Toilet Day! The U.N. celebrates this by sending you to the Toilet.


December & January

Pick some snowballs and start a fight!


December 14 to 30

Suck on Candy Canes and give away Festive Presents! Hohoho!

New Year's EveEdit

December 31

Everyone starts out with an ACME Rocket to blast themselves into the new year!

Friday the 13thEdit

Friday 13

Watch out for ladders and other things that bring bad luck on this special day.

Lunar New YearEdit

Lots of excitement for 3 full days!

2018 - Year Of The Dog - February 15-17
2019 - Year Of The Pig - February 4-6
2020 - Year Of The Rat - January 24-26
2021 - Year Of The Ox - February 11-13
2022 - Year Of The Tiger - January 31-February 2
2023 - Year Of The Rabbit - January 21-23
2024 - Year Of The Dragon - February 9-11
2025 - Year Of The Snake - January 28-30
2026 - Year Of The Horse - February 16-18

  • All players start the game with a Red Envelope and get another one from the Lunar New Year Global Effect every 15 Rounds.
  • The Lantern Day and Lunar Luck random events can occur.
  • All players start with an item on a 2 turn cooldown that corresponds to the current zodiac year.