Reward Block

Reward Block is an item.

Reward Block
In-Game Description
Tooltip Activate the block to count your next movement as a jump. The more spaces you move, the harder you hit the block, the better the item!
Uses 1


  • The following table corresponds with this item's Standard Use.
Spaces Moved Rupees Obtainable Items Obtainable
1-5 1 N/A
6-10 2 Green Turtle Shell, Red Mushroom, Red Turtle Shell, Wabbajack
11-15 3 Blue Turtle Shell, Green Mushroom, Lure Module
16-20 4 Evolution Stone, Relic, Roc's Feather, Soul Of Determination
21-25 7 Defective Turret, Home Run Bat
26-30 9 Fighter's Gi, Magic Star, Wacka Ball
31-50 15 Fighter's Gi, Magic Star, Wacka Ball
51-100 20 Go-Kart
101+ 25 BFG 9000


Standard UseEdit

  • Gain the Reward Block Buff.
  • Reward Block: Your next movement will grant you an amount of Rupees and an item corresponding to the above table. If you moved 6+ spaces in one movement, this effect wears off (otherwise it doesn't.)


  • See Movement-triggered effects for more information on effects like Reward Block.
  • Moving 5 spaces in one movement grants 1 Rupee. If you then move 20 spaces in your next movement, your reward will be for 16-20 spaces, not 21-25 spaces.

Inherent Effect TooltipEdit

Reward Block Tooltip
With your next movement you will jump to hit your Reward Block. The further you move, the better the reward!

  Category: Buff

How To ObtainEdit


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