PETA Protesters

PETA Protesters is a Debuff.

PETA protesters are after you! You should have been nicer to animals...

Duration: X turns

Debuff.png Category: Debuff, Unremovable


  • If you would encounter The Abandoned Mine, you may instead encounter Leave These Bats Alone!. Also, if you would encounter The Jungle, you may instead encounter Jungle Protest (unless you have Gift of Jumanji, in which case you will still encounter Jumanji.) In both Leave These Bats Alone! and Jungle Protest, your only option will be to leave the event; nothing else occurs.
  • If you are alive:
  • If you are a Lawyer, you don't lose any Rupees or have your turn end; you instead gain 2-4 Rupees.
  • During an Effects Phase that started while this effect had 2 turns left, your turn ends.
  • During an Effects Phase that started while this effect had 1 turn left, this effect simply wears off.
  • If you are Dead: During the Effects Phase, this effect simply wears off.
  • This effect can be extended.


  • The protesters cannot steal a Soulbound item.
  • The protesters cannot steal Demons, Dolls, Explorer's Backpack, Mystery Mixer, Phantasm, Plumbus, Tendril of Yogg-Saron, Weeping Angel, Gobbos, Pixie, Trickster Fairy, or Tooth Fairy.

How To ObtainEdit


  • Kill The Bear! with an explosive (excluding ACME TNT)/fire-related option (3 turns)
  • Kill The Bear! with an option which has a Skinning Knife opportunity afterwards (3 turns)
  • Catapult the Pet Bear (3 turns)


  • Roast a Turkey with its standard use (3 turns)
  • Use a Skinning Knife on your Cow/Pet Bear/Albino Bunny/Rattlesnake. (3 turns)